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Geochronology and geochemistry of late Carboniferous volcanic rocks from northern Inner Mongolia, North China: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications
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First Author : Dong Fu

Correspondence Author : Songbai Peng

Author : Bo Huang; Timothy M. Kusky; Wenxiao Zhou; Mengchun Ge

Date of Publication : 2015-01-01

Journal : Gondwana Research

Included Journals : SCI  

Translation or Not : no

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Academic Titles : 综合地质研究中心

Gender : Male

Date of Birth : 1982-11-08

Alma Mater : China University of Geosciences

Education Level : Faculty of Higher Institutions

Degree : Doctoral Degree

Status : Employed

School/Department : Institute of Geological Survey

Date of Employment : 2014-04-10

Discipline : Geochemistry tectonic geology mineral resource prospecting and exploration

Business Address : Institute of Geological Survey, No.2 Building, Room 308

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