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Xiao Wen



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Education Level:Faculty of Higher Institutions
Alma Mater:IGN France
Professional Title:Professor
School/Department:School of Geography and Information Engineering

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Personal Information

Professor Xiao's research interests lie in 3D computer vision, laser scanning and remote sensing. The vision is to develop smart 3D sensing, mapping and reconstructoin (3DSMART) algorithms, applied to smart cities, digital twins, and intelligent infrastructure. Studies include moving object detection and tracking, infrastructure and transport systems monitoring, forest monitoring and growth analysis, dynamics/change detection and monitoring, from various sensing platforms, e.g. static and mobile mapping systems, airborne systems (including UAVs), CCTV, etc. He is currently serving as a council member of the UK RSPSoc and topic editor of journal Remote Sensing.Google Scholar: ResearchGate:

Education Background
  • University of Paris-Est, France , Geographic information technology and science  , Doctoral Degree in Philosophy , Doctoral Degree
  • ITC, University of Twente, the Netherlands , Geoinformatics , Master's Degree
  • Wuhan University , Surveying and Mapping Engineering , Bachelor's Degree
Work Experience
  • Newcastle University, UK , School of Engineering , Lecturer、Research Fellow
Social Affiliations
  • 2022.12 -- Now
    ISPRS II/5 working group member
  • 2023.1 -- 2025.12
    The Photogrammetric Record editor
  • 2019.4 -- Now
    Remote Sensing topic editor
  • 2018.9 -- 2023.9
    UK RSPSoc Council Member
Research Focus
  • Infrastructure and urban systems

    Built environment and Environmental informatics

    Hazard monitoring and impact analysis

    Dynamics (Moving/Growth/Deformation/Change) detection and monitoring

Research Group
  • 张鹏飞
  • 周传波
  • 夏峰
  • 徐德义
  • 付茹
  • 夏峰
  • 李周波
  • 张鹏飞
  • 徐德义
  • 闫政旭