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教授 博士生导师 硕士生导师

主要任职 : 《Marine and Petroleum Geology》副主编;《Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X》副主编;《地质科技通报》编委

性别 : 男

所在单位 : 海洋学院

办公地点 : 东区教学楼1718A

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个人简介Personal Profile

学习和工作经历Education and work experience


   09/2015--Present: Distinguished Professor at the College of Marine Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan);


   08/2019--07/2020: Academic visitor at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford;


   12/2017--02/2018: Academic visitor at the Department of Earth Science & Engineering, Imperial College London;


   02/2017--04/2017: Academic visitor at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford;


   01/2014--08/2015: Associate Research Fellow (Associate Professor) at the Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences;


   07/2011--01/2014: Assistant Researcher Fellow (Assistant Professor) at the Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences;


   09/2006--06/2011: Master and Doctor degree at the Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences;


   09/2002--06/2006: Bachelor degree at the China University of Geosciences (Beijing).

研究领域和兴趣(Research Interests


 My research interests are mainly focused on the submarine geohazards (slope instability, overpressured structure, submarine volcanism and associated tsunami) and resources (hydrocarbon and gas hydrate). My current researches include:


   Formation/trigger mechanism of slope instability and triggered tsunami;


  Deep-water volcanism dynamics,volcano growth mechanisms and their responses to regional tectonics;


   Focused fluid flow systems in the depositional basins and subduction zone and the roles that they play on natural resource, slope instability, climate change and Extreme environmental biology;


   Hydrocarbon and gas hydrate in the passive and active continental margins;


   Reconstruction of paleo-bottom current system and its key controlling factors;


   Deep-burial carbonate dissolution and soft sediment deformations.

部分科研项目(Selected participating or host projects

¬ 国家自然科学基金优秀青年项目“海洋地质灾害”(2023-2025年,项目编号:42222607,在研,负责人)

 Submarine geohazards (2023-2025, NSFC 42222607, Host pproject)

¬ 国家自然科学基金面上项目“岩浆活动诱发沉积物变形的演化规律及海底失稳机理”(2022-2025,项目编号:42176085,在研,负责人

    Evolution of sediment deformation and seabed instability mechanism triggered by igneous activity (2022--2025, NSFC 42176085, Host project);

¬ 国家自然科学基金重点项目“中新世以来南海南部大陆边缘动力过程的沉积响应”2022-2025,项目编号:42130408,在研,主要参与人

  Sedimentary responses to dynamic processes in the southern continental margin of the South China Sea since Miocene (2022--2025, NSFC 42130408, Participation project);

¬ 国家重点研发计划子课题“南海北部流体输运体系的地球物理识别及其形成过程的数值模拟”2018-2021,在研,负责人

    Geophysical identification and simulation of formation processes of focused fluid flow systems in the northern SCS (2018--2021, MSTPRC, Host project);

¬ 国家自然科学基金面上项目“中建南盆地泥火山和麻坑群的形成机理及差异性地貌的成因”(2017-2020,项目编号:41676051,在研,负责人

    Formation mechanisms of mud volcanoes and pockmarks in the Zhongjiannan Basin and the controlling factors on their different seabed morphologies (2017--2020, NSFC 41676251, Host         project);

¬ 国家自然科学基金青年项目“珠江口盆地深水区泥底辟构造的精细结构与成因机制数值模拟研究” (2014-2016,项目编号:41306054,在研,负责人)

  Detailed structures and numerical modeling of formation mechanism of mud diapir in the deep-water area of Pearl River Mouth Basin (2014--2016, NSFC 41306054, Host Project);

¬ 国家重点基础研究发展计划(973)“深水钻井浅层地质灾害形成机理及预测方法”(2015-2019,项目编号:2015CB251201,在研,主要参与人)

     Formation mechanism and prediction method of shallow geological hazards in deep water drilling (2015--2019, National Basic Research Program of China 2015CB251201, Participating Project);

¬ 国家自然科学基金重点项目“南海北部淹没碳酸盐岩台地发育演化及混合沉积研究”(2013-2016,项目编号:91228208,在研,主要参与人)

    Evolution of drown carbonate platform and mixed sediments in the northern South China Sea (2013--2016, NSFC 91228208, Participating Project).

部分学术论文(Selected peer-review publications


Wang, C.,  Sun, Q.L*., Morley, C.K., Huang, H.B., 2023. Post-rift magmatism controlled by detachment faults in a microplate, northwestern South China Sea. GSA Bulletin, in press.

Cao, L., Sun, Q.L*., Wang, J.Y., 2023. Post-rift magma plumbing system in the northern Great South Basin, New Zealand. Tectonophysics, in press.

Cao, L., Sun, Q.L*., Magee, C., 2023. Reutilization of fluid flow pathways over 54 million years, offshore New Zealand. Basin Research, 35: 2349-2363.

Ren, Z.Y*., Liu, H., Li, L.L., Wang, Y.C., Sun, Q.L., 2023. On the effects of rheological behavior on landslide motion and tsunami hazard for the Baiyun Slide in the South China Sea. Landslides, 20: 1599-1616.

Wang, X.X., Kneller, B., Sun, Q.L*., 2023. Sediment waves control origins of submarine canyons. Geology, 51: 310-314. 

Sun, Q.L*., Alves, T.M., Wu, S.G., Zhao, M.H., Xie, X.N., 2022. Early Miocene magmatism in the Baiyun Sag (South China Sea): A view to the origin of intense post-rift magmatismGondwana Research, 120: 127-144.

沈奥, 孙启良*, 蔡砥柱, 邢子浩,2023. 海底麻坑的特征、分类与成因机制. 地质科技通报, 42(1): 204-217. doi: 10.19509/j.cnki.dzkq.2022.0144. 


孙启良*, 2022. 全球变暖如何影响海底稳定性?地球科学, 47(10): 3794-3795. 

姜涛*, 陈慧, 孙启良, 田冬梅, 程聪, 2022. 南海深水沉积过程之大洋钻探目标. 海洋地质与第四纪地质, 42(5): 33-41.

Sun, Q.L*., Wang, Q., Shi, F.Y., Alves, T., Gao, S., Xie, X.N., Wu, S.G., Li, J.B., 2022. Runup of landslide-generated tsunamis controlled by paleogeography and sea-level change. Communications Earth & Environment, 3: 244.

Qian, W.D., Sun, Q.L*., Jones, S.J., Yin, T.J., Zhang, C.M., Xu, G.S., Hou, G.W., Zhang, B., 2022. Diagenesis and controlling factors of Oligocene Huagang Formation tight sandstone reservoir in the south of Xihu sag, the East China Sea Shelf Basin. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 215: 110579. 

Wang, X.X., Cai, F*., Sun, Z.L., Li, Q., Li, A., Sun, Y.B., Wang, H.B.,  Sun, Q.L*., 2022. Tectonic and oceanographic controls on the slope-confined dendritic canyon system in the Dongsha Slope, South China Sea.  Geomorphology, 410: 108285.

Sun, Q.L*., Wang, C., Xie, X.N., 2022. Sill swarms and hydrothermal vents in the Qiongdongnan Basin, northern South China Sea. Geosystems and Geoenvironment, 1: 100037, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geogeo.2022.100037.

Wang, X.X., Cai, F*., Sun, Z.L., Li, A., Sun, Y.B., Yan, G.J., Luo, D., Dong, G., Zhong, W.J.,  Sun, Q.L*., 2022. Late Miocene-Quaternary seismic stratigraphic responses to tectonic and climatic changes at the northeastern margin of  South China Sea.  GSA Bulletin, in press. https://doi.org/10.1130/B36224.1.

望畅, 孙启良*, 解习农, 宋慧兰, 2022. 白云凹陷浅成岩浆侵入体发育特征、成因及油气地质意义. 地球科学, 47(2): 505-517, https://doi.org/10.3799/dqkx.2021.053.

Wang, C.,  Sun, Q.L*., Xie, X.N., 2022. Sediment deformation triggered by underlying magma intrusion. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 225: 105045, https://doi.org/10.3389/feart.2021.764319.


Sun, Q.L*., Xie, X.N., Wu, S.G., Yin, G.R., 2021. Thrust faults promoted hydrocarbon leakage at the compressional zone of fine-grained mass-transport deposits. Frontiers in Earth Sciences, 9: 764319, https://doi.org/10.3389/feart.2021.764319.

Sun, Q.L*., Cartwright, J., Foschi, M., Lu, X.Y., Xie, X.N., 2021. The interplay of stratal and vertical migration pathways in shallow hydrocarbon plumbing systems. Basin Research, 33: 2157-2178, https://doi.org/10.1111/bre.12552.

孙启良*, 解习农, 吴时国,  2021. 南海北部海底滑坡的特征、灾害评估和研究展望. 地学前缘, 28(02): 258-270, https://doi.org/10.13745/j.esf.sf.2020.9.3.


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参与编写教材 (Participating in textbook writing)

1. 吴时国、张健主编. 海底构造与海洋地球物理学. 北京:科学出版社,2014.(参编第二章);

    Submarine Tectonics and Marine Geophysics (Chapter 2), 2014, Science Press, Beijing;   

2. 吴时国等主编. 南海深水沉积与储层的地震识别. 北京:科学出版社,2015.(参编第六章)

     Seismic Identification of Deep Water Deposits and Reservoirs in the South China Sea (Chapter 6), 2015, Science Press, Beijing;   

 主讲课程 (Courses)



  《Basin Fluid and Simulation》for Master students


   《New Advances in Marine Geology》for Master students


  《Submarin Geohazards》for Bachelor students


   《Marine Mineral Resource》for Bachelor students


    《Marine Geology》for Bachelor students


    《Marine Sedimentology》for Bachelor students

获奖情况 (Awards)




  2022: Science and Technology Progress Award of Chinese Geophysical Society


   2021: Special Prize of the Hainan Natural Science Progress Award


   2016: Outstanding Staff of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)


   2014: Follow of Youth Innovation Promotion Association, IOCAS


   2012: Outstanding Researcher of IOCAS


   2011: President Award of excellence by Chinese Academy of Sciences


   2008: Outstanding Paper Award by Chinese Geophysical Society


   2006: Outstanding graduates by China University of Geosciences

学术任职 (Other Academic Contribution)

(i) 学术刊物编辑(Editors of Academic Journals)

《Marine and Petroleum Geology》副主编 (2020--)

    《Marine and Petroleum Geology》Associate Editor (2020--);

《Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X》副主编(2020--)

    《Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X》Associate Editor(2020--);


    《Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology》Deputy Director of the Committee (2021--);


    《Marine Geology Frontiers》Deputy Director of the Committee (2021--);

《Geosystems and Geoenvironment》编委 (2022--)

   《Geosystems and GeoenvironmentEditorial Board (2022--);


    《Bulletin of Geological Science and Technology》Editorial Board (2018--).

(ii) 学会会员(Society Members)

中国岩石力学与工程学会  海洋工程地质灾害防控分会,常务理事

    Marine Engineering Geohazards Prevention and Control Branch of the Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Executive Member of the Council

中国地球物理学会 会员

    Member of the Chinese Geophysical Society

美国地球物理学会 会员

    Member of the American Geophysical Union

(iii) 审稿人(Reviewers) 

Reviewers for Marine Geology, Marine and Petroleum Geology, Earth-Science Reviews, Basin Research, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Marine Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, GSA Bulletin, 地球科学, 地学前缘, Geofluids, Interpretation, Frontiers in Earth Sciences,  海洋学报, Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 地质学报, Acta Geologica Sinica-English Edition, 地质科技通报, Journal of South America Earth Sciences, International Journal of Earth Sciences, International Journal of Coal Geology, Geo-marine Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, Journal of Geological Society, Geology, Journal of  Ocean University of China, 中南大学学报, 热带海洋学报, Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, AAPG Bulletin, Sedimentology, Sedimentary Geology, etc.


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     Address: Room 1718A, Eastern Campus, Lumo Road 388, Hongshan District, Wuhan, China (Postcode: 430074)



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