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Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 1989-12-21
Alma Mater : Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Education Level : Faculty of Higher Institutions
Degree : Doctoral Degree in Engineering
Status : Employed
School/Department : Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry
Date of Employment : 2020-10-01
Discipline : chemistry
Business Address : Materials Building 543
Contact Information : ouyanglei@cug.edu.cn
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Personal Profile

Dr. Lei Ouyang is now a associate professor in Faulty of Materials Science and Chemistry, China University of Geosciences since 2021. He received her Ph.D. degree in 2017 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) under the supervision of Prof. Lihua Zhu. He worked in Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena as a postdoc from 2018 to 2019 and in HUST from 2019 to 2020. His research work focus on functional material fabrication and application, biological sensing, and advanced spectroscopy such as surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and coherent anti-Stoke Raman spectroscopy (CARS). He has published 30 peer-reviewed papers, and 2 chapters in international journals including ACS Nano, Analytical Chemistry, Biosens Bioelectron., Nano Res. et al.

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Research Gate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lei_Ouyang2

Google Scholarhttps://scholar.google.de/citationsuser=bjmByMIAAAAJ&hl=zh-CN

Published Papers

Lei Ouyang,* Nan Wang, Joseph Irudayaraj, Tetsuro Majima,* Virus on surfaces: Chemical mechanism, influence factors, disinfection strategies, and implications for virus repelling surface design,  Advances in Colloid and Interface Science2023, 320, 103006.

Lei Ouyang, Fangfang Song, Caiyue Yu, Lijin Huang, Qin Shuai,* Efficient arsenic coagulation by serpentine mediated iron hydroxides. Chemical Communication2023, 59, 6410-6413.

Lei Ouyang, Mingtao Wang, Lihua Zhu,* Heqing Tang, Qin Shuai,* In situ speciation analysis and kinetic study of arsenic adsorption on ferrihydrite with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Nano Research, 2023, 16(2), 3046-3054.

Lei Ouyang, Lei Zeng, Yaqian Cui, Nan Wang, Lihua Zhu,* In situ mechanochemical activation of reduced iron powder for arsenic stabilization in high content arsenic sulfide sludge. Separation and Purification Technology, 2023, 305, 122218.

Lei Ouyang, Tobias Meyer, Kel-Meng See, Wei-Liang Chen, Fan-Cheng Lin, Denis Akimov, Sadaf Ehtesabi, Martin Richter, Michael Schmitt, Yu-Ming Chang, Stefanie Gräfe, Jürgen Popp, Jer-Shing Huang,* Spatially resolving the enhancement effect in surface-enhanced coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering by plasmonic Doppler gratings, ACS Nano2021, 15, 809-818.

Lei Ouyang, Ling Yao, Rongmei Tang, Xiangliang Yang, Lihua Zhu,* Biomimetic point-of-care testing of trace free bilirubin in serum by using glucose selective capture and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical2021, 340, 129941.

Lei Ouyang, † Qian Zhang, † Guina Ma, Lihua Zhu,* Youqin Wang, Zhilin Chen, Yuling Wang, Lei Zhao.* A new dual-spectroscopic strategy for the direct detection of aristolochic acids in blood and tissue, Analytical Chemistry2019, 91, 8154-8161.

Lei Ouyang, Ling Yao, Qian Zhou, Heqing Tang, and Lihua Zhu. * Functional Au array SERS chip for pesticides fast inspection in conjunction with surface extraction and coordination transferring, Analyst2019, 144, 5528-5537.

Lei Ouyang, Ling Yao, Taohong Zhou, Lihua Zhu.* Accurate SERS detection of malachite green in aquatic products on basis of graphene wrapped flexible sensor, Analytica Chimica Acta2018, 1027, 83-91.

Lei Ouyang, Yesheng Wang, Lihua Zhu,* Joseph Irudayaraj, Heqing Tang.* Filtration-assisted fabrication of large-area uniform and long-term stable graphene isolated nano-ag array membrane as surface enhanced Raman scattering substrate, Advanced Materials Interfaces2018, 5(4), 1701221.

Lei Ouyang, Yaowu Hu, Lihua Zhu*, Gary J. Cheng, Joseph Irudayaraj.* A reusable laser wrapped graphene-Ag array based SERS sensor for trace detection of genomic DNA methylation, BiosensorsBioelectronics2017, 92, 755-762.

Lei Ouyang,† Zuyan Jiang,† Nan Wang, Lihua Zhu,* Heqing Tang.* Rapid surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) detection of sibutramine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical capsules with a β-cyclodextrin- ag/polyvivnyl alcohol hydrogel substrate, Sensors, 2017, 17(7), 1601.

Lei Ouyang, Wen Ren, Lihua Zhu,* Joseph Irudayaraj.* Prosperity to challenges: Recent approaches in SERS substrate fabrication, Reviews in Analytical Chemistry2017, 36(1), 20160027.

Lei Ouyang, Dingyi Li, Lihua Zhu,* Wenwen Yang, Heqing Tang.* A new plasmonic Pickering emulsion based SERS sensor for in situ reaction monitoring and kinetic study, Journal of Materials Chemistry C2016, 4, 736-744.

欧阳磊李定颐朱丽华.* 环糊精修饰的Pickering乳液用于痕量有机物及离子的测定光谱学与光谱分析2016, 36(10), 222-224.

Lei Ouyang, Lihua Zhu*, Yufeng Ruan and Heqing Tang.* Preparation of native β-cyclodextrin modified plasmonic hydrogel substrate and its use as a surface-enhanced Raman scattering scaffold for antibiotics identification, Journal of Materials Chemistry C2015, 3, 7575-7582.

Lei Ouyang, Lihua Zhu,* Jizhou Jiang, Wei Xie, Heqing Tang.* Three dimensional plasmonic hydrogel architecture: facile synthesis and its macroscale effective space, RSC Advances2015, 5, 2231-2238.

Lei Ouyang, Lihua Zhu,* Jizhou Jiang, Heqing Tang.* A SERS method for detection of trace glutathione on the basis of Fe3O4-Ag magnetic particles and crystal violet probe, Analytica Chimica. Acta2014, 816, 41-49.

欧阳磊丁耀彬朱丽华,* 唐和清,* 廖海星.* 钴掺杂铁酸铋活化过硫酸盐降解水中四溴双酚A的研究环境科学2013, 34, 169-174.

Ling Yao, Lei Ouyang, Jiping Lv, Pei Dai, Lihua Zhu*, Rapid and sensitive SERS detection of food contaminants by using nano-Ag aggregates with controllable hydrophobicity, Microchemical Journal2021,166, 106221.

Ling Yao, Pei Dai, Lei Ouyang, Lihua Zhu*, A sensitive and reproducible SERS sensor based on natural lotus leaf for paraquat detection, Microchemical Journal2021, 160(13), 105728.

Yi-Ju Chen, Fan-Cheng Lin, Ankit Kumar Singh, Lei Ouyang, and Jer-Shing Huang*, Spectrometer-free optical hydrogen sensing based on Fano-like spatial distribution of transmission in a metal-insulator-metal plasmonic Doppler grating, Adv. Opt. Mater. 2021, 2100869.

Joshua A. Jackman,* Bo Kyeong Yoon, Lei Ouyang, Nan Wang, Abdul Rahim Ferhan, Jaeyun Kim,* Tetsuro Majima,*Nam-Joon Cho.* Biomimetic nanomaterial strategies for virus targeting: antiviral therapies and vaccines, Advanced Functional Materials2020, 2008352.

Fan-Cheng Lin, † Kel-Meng See, † Lei Ouyang, You-Xin Huang, Yi-Ju Chen, Jürgen Popp, Jer-Shing Huang.* Designable spectrometer-free index sensing using plasmonic Doppler gratings, Analytical Chemistry2019, 91, 9382-9387.

Dingyi Li, Lei Ouyang, Ling Yao, Lihua Zhu,* Xiaoqing Jiang, Heqing Tang.* In situ SERS monitoring the visible light photocatalytic degradation of Nile blue on Ag@AgCl single hollow cube as a micro-reactor, ChemistrySelect2018, 3, 428-435.

Jizhou Jiang, Lei Ouyang, Lihua Zhu,* Anmin Zheng, Jing Zou, Xianfeng Yi, Heqing Tang.* Dependence of electronic structure of g-C3N4 on the layer number of its nanosheets: A study by Raman spectroscopy coupled with first-principles calculations, Carbon, 2014, 80, 213-221.

Jizhou Jiang, Lei Ouyang, Lihua Zhu,* Jing Zou, Heqing Tang.* Novel one-pot fabrication of Lab-on-a-Bubble@Ag substrate without coupling-agent for surface enhanced Raman scattering, Scientific Reports2014, 4, 3492-3501.

Pei Dai, Ziyang Zhang, Xianfei Hou, Lei Ouyang, Lihua Zhu.*  Rapid SERS inspection of carcinogenic aromatic amines in textiles by using liquid interfacial assembled Au array. Talanta, 2021, 234, 122651.

Xiaoqing Lei, Lijin Huang,* Ke Liu, Lei Ouyang, Qin Shuai, Shenghong Hu.* Facile one-pot synthesis of hierarchical N-doped porous carbon for efficient ibuprofen removal. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science2021, 604, 823–831.

Qian YanLijin Huang,* Weikang GuoLei OuyangQin Shuai, * Metal organic framework derived Zn/N co‑doped hydrophilic porous carbon for efficient solid phase microextraction of polar phenols. Microchimica Acta2021, 188, 400.  

Jie Zhao, Jinming Wu, Zhen Yang, Lei Ouyang, Lihua Zhu, Zhonghong Gao, * Hailing Li. *Nitration of hIAPP promotes its toxic oligomer formation and exacerbates its toxicity towards INS-1 cells. Nitric Oxide2019, 87, 23–30. 

Education Background

  • 2015.9 -- 2016.9

    Purdue University       生物医学工程      联合培养

  • 2012.9 -- 2017.6

    华中科技大学       材料物理与化学       Doctoral Degree in Education       Doctoral Degree in Engineering

  • 2008.9 -- 2012.7

    华中科技大学       应用化学       With Certificate of Graduation for Undergraduate Study       理学学士

Work Experience

  • 2021.1 -- Now

    中国地质大学      材料与化学学院      副教授

  • 2019.6 -- 2020.12

    华中科技大学      化学与化工学院      博士后

  • 2018.6 -- 2019.6

    Leibniz-Institut für Photonische Technologien      博士后

  • 2017.6 -- 2018.6

    华中科技大学      化学与化工学院      博士后      博士后

Other Contact Information

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Research Focus

  • Raman spectroscopy, sample pretreatment, environmental analysis, geological analysis