Lou Xiaoding

Doctoral Degree in Science

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Wuhan University

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Date of Employment:2017-07-01
Business Address:Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)


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娄筱叮教授长期以来围绕复杂生物样本,在多功能聚集体设计及应用方面取得了创新性成果。在国际核心期刊上发表/接收SCI论文174篇(高被引论文15篇)。相关研究成果已被国际知名刊物引用9000余次,H因子为57(Google Scholar)。作为第一作者或通讯作者在Chem. Soc. Rev., Acc. Chem. Res., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,Adv. Mater., ACS Nano, Adv. Funct. Mater., Nano Energy, Adv. Sci., Anal. Chem., Chem. Sci., Small, Biomaterials, Biosens. Bioelectron. 等国际一流学术刊物发表研究论文112篇,单通讯文章36篇。国家重点研发计划青年项目首席科学家,国家优秀青年科学基金获得者,国家高层次人才特殊支持计划青年拔尖人才,全国青联委员,中青科协理事,湖北省政协委员,湖北省青年五四奖章获得者,湖北省杰出青年基金获得者,湖北省第十二次妇女代表,湖北省青联常委&教育社科界别主委,湖北省知联会理事,湖北省青科协委员,中国生物材料学会影像材料与技术分会委员,《Chinese Chemical Letters》青年编委,湖北省“楚天学者计划”楚天学子。主持国家重点研发计划青年项目1项,国家自然科学基金优青项目1项,面上项目2项,青年项目1项,国家重点研发计划重大科学仪器设备开发专项子课题1项,湖北省自然科学基金杰青项目1项,面上项目1项,浙江省自然科学基金一般项目1项。获得国家授权发明专利12项,参编专著3部。应邀在亚洲化学年会,中国化学会年会,全国分析化学年会,全国化学生物学会议,全国电化学会议,E-MRS,海峡两岸生物医学前沿交叉学术研讨会等国内外会议上做邀请报告。 代表性学术研究成果 1. Hu, Jing-Jing, Jiang, Wenlian, Qiao, Yujuan, Mа, Qun, Du, Qiujiаo, Jiang, Jian-Hui, Lou, Xiaoding(*), Xia, Fan(*), Enzyme Regulating the Wettability of Outer Surface of Nanochannels. ACS Nano, 2023, 15 (2), 3026-3037.2. Zhang, Wei(#), Hu, Jing-Jing(#), Liu, Rui, Dai, Jun, Yuan, Lizhen, Liu, Yiheng, Chen, Bochao, Gong, Mingxing, Xia, Fan and Lou, Xiaoding(*). A peptide-conjugated probe with cleavage-induced morphological change for treatment on tumor cell membrane. Advanced Science, 2023, 2207228.3. Li, Jianqing, Zhuang, Zeyan, Lou, Xiaoding(*), Zhao, Zujin(*), and Tang, Ben Zhong. Molecular Design and Biomedical Application of AIEgens with Photochemical Activity. Chemical & Biomedical Imaging. 2023, DOI: 10.1002/advs.202207228.4. Duan, Chong(#), Hu, Jing-Jing(#), Liu, Rui, Dai, Jun, Yuan, Lizhen, Xia, Fan and Lou, Xiaoding(*). Regulating the membrane affinity of multi-module probes to address the trade-off between anchoring and internalization. Analytical Chemistry, 2023, 95 (4), 2513–2522.5. 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[1] 2003.9  to  2004.6
Hubei Engineering University | Chemistry Pedagogy | Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) | Bachelor's Degree
[2] 2004.9  to  2007.6
Wuhan University | Chemistry Base Class | Exchange Student
[3] 2007.9  to  2012.6
Wuhan University | Organic Chemistry | Doctoral Degree in Education | Doctoral Degree in Science

[1] 2017.1  to  Now
 Faculty of materials science and chemistry | China University of Geosciences 
[2] 2016.4  to  2016.10
 Department of Physics | University of California, Santa Barbara 
[3] 2014.11  to  2016.12
 School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering | Huazhong University of Science and Technology 
[4] 2013.8  to  2014.10
 School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering | Huazhong University of Science and Technology 
[5] 2012.8  to  2013.7
 Department of Polymers | Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

[1] 蛋白质在活细胞内变化快,浓度差异大,导致难以精准测量,是活细胞中蛋白质检测中的科学技术难点。娄筱叮教授针对目前活细胞中蛋白质检测方法的局限性,选取抗体识别位点处的多肽序列,设计穿过细胞膜屏障的多肽序列,合成光稳定性优异的信号分子,使用多种方法共价连接功能模块,开发模块化多肽探针系统,实现了复杂活细胞环境中蛋白质的精准识别与定量、动态分析,并取得以下成果:1)调节氨基酸序列的阳离子密度和疏水性,增加穿过细胞膜屏障的能力,提高探针入胞效率;2)优化氨基酸序列的构象和空间构型,增强与靶标蛋白质的亲和力,增强识别特异性;3)合成光谱匹配,可后修饰的聚集型信号分子,调控信号输出模块设计原理,降低背景干扰

[1]2017.3  to  Now
Standing Committee of the 13th Committee of Hubei Youth Federation
[2]2017.1  to  Now
Member of Hubei Youth Science Association
[3]2018.3  to  Now
Delegates of the 12th Hubei Provincial Women's Congress
[4]2018.11  to  Now
Member of the first Session of Imaging Materials and Technology Branch, Chinese Society of Biomaterials
[5]2019.12  to  Now
Member of China Youth Association for Science and Technology
[6]2019.6  to  Now
Chinese Chemical Letters
[7]2020.1  to  Now
Member of the All-China Youth Federation
[8]2020.1  to  Now
Member of "Youth Propaganda Group" of Hubei Province to study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee
[9]2022.1  to  Now
The 14th Standing Committee of Hubei Youth Federation & Chairman of Education and Social Science Sector
[10]2023.1  to  Now
Member of the Hubei CPPCC
[11]2022.1  to  Now
Hubei Advanced Young workers in Chemistry and Chemical Industry
[12]2022.1  to  2025.12
Member of the China Association for the Promotion of Human Health Science and Technology (CAHST) Clinical Laboratory Science and Technology Translation Committee
[13]2022.3  to  Now
Director of Hubei Zhi Lian Association
[14]2022.3  to  Now
Member of Imaging Materials and Technology Branch, Chinese Society of Biomaterials