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Dr. Gang Liu is a Professor of School of Computer, China University of Geosciences at Wuhan, China. He received his Ph.D in Geodetection and Information Technology from China University of Geosciences in 2004. From 2006 to 2007 he stayed at University of Ottawa, Canada as a Post-doctorate Fellow. His research interests include geoscience big data, 3D geographical information system and spatio-temporal geoscience data analysis. He has authored and co-authored 90+ peer-reviewed journal papers, and 20+ conference abstracts/papers. He was involved in five projects funded by the National Research Foundation of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. And now he serves as an Editorial Board member for an international journal, International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology.

  • Education Background
  • Work Experience
2006-9 | 2007-10
  • 加拿大渥太华大学(University of Ottawa)
  • Geophysical Prospecting and Information Technology
  • Postgraduate (Postdoctoral)

1999-9 | 2004-12
  • 中国地质大学(武汉)
  • Geophysical Prospecting and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Higher Institutions
  • Doctoral Degree in Engineering

1985-9 | 1989-6
  • 中国地质大学(武汉)
  • Computer science and technology
  • With Certificate of Graduation for Undergraduate Study
  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering

  • Social Affiliations
  • Research Focus
  • 任国际数学地球科学协会(IAMG)中国国家委员会执行主席、国际SCI期刊IJOGCT编委(2012-)、中文核心期刊《地质科技情报》编委。中国图象图形学学会-可视化与可视分析专委会常务委员、中国矿物岩石地球化学学会-大数据与数字地球科学专业委员会副主任委员。

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Gender : Male

Alma Mater : 中国地质大学(武汉)

Education Level : Faculty of Higher Institutions

Degree : Doctoral Degree in Engineering

School/Department : 计算机学院

Discipline : Spatial information and digital technology Computer science and technology Geophysical Prospecting and Information Technology

Business Address : 未来城校区计算机学院

Contact Information : 027-67883716

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