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Fang Jin has been committed to engaging in GMI magnetic sensor related preparation research, the mechanism of the sensitive element and sensor circuit, signal extraction and analysis. She has a lot of accumulation in magnetic film preparation technology, properties and magnetic sensor direction. She has published more than 20 related papers in important journals at home and abroad and participated in a number of research projects related to magnetic film preparation. During the work, she has carried out on the project of national natural science fund "Noise’s Generative Mechanism and Optimization Design of the thin-film Geomagnetic Sensor Based on Giant Magneto-impedance Effect" (No. 41574175) (2016-2019), the ministry of education students studying abroad are returning fund project " Noise's Generative Mechanism and Suppression Method of the Thin-film Geomagnetic Sensor Based on Giant Magnetoimpedance Effect" (outside department a [2015] No. 1098).National natural science foundation of China youth project "Research on key techniques of high sensitivity geomagnetic sensor based on asymmetric giant magnetoimpedance effect" (No. 41004079) (2011-2013),The specialized research fund for the doctoral program of higher education the new teacher class subject "based on asymmetric giant magneto-impedance effect of high sensitivity magnetic sensor is the key technology research" (No. 20100145120007) (2011-2013) and the China university of geosciences (wuhan) school funding scheme for excellent young university teachers "geomagnetic measurement of asymmetry of giant magneto-impedance effect of magnetic sensor research" (No. CUGQNL0910) project, the GMI effect, preparation and the mechanism of magnetic sensor circuit research has many years' accumulation of work; During learning and post-doctoral research China postdoctoral fund "magnetic mixed light rare earth-transition metal multilayer coupling store recording medium research" (No. 20060390841) project, participated in major projects of national natural science fund "light mixed magnetic storage and disc recording medium and physical properties research" (No. 60490291), the national natural science fund projects "for high-density glass plate of the micro hard disk perpendicular magnetization in the membrane preparation of basic research," (No. 60571010), and other related research projects. She has rich experience in the technology research of electronic functional devices based on thin film materials. She has published more than 10 academic papers related to material property and mechanism research of GMI effect magnetic sensor and research on low noise circuit, and applied for one patent related to low noise circuit of GMI magnetic sensor, a fast response negative feedback GMI magnetic field measurement sensor (application no. : 201810998446.6), and 6 software Copyrights. In the field of GMI magnetic sensor she has a relatively deep accumulation.

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Gender : Female

Date of Birth : 1978-04-06

Alma Mater : Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Education Level : Doctoral Degree in Education

Degree : Doctoral Degree

Status : Employed

School/Department : the School of Automation

Date of Employment : 2008-06-13

Discipline : automation Measurement and control technology and instrument

Business Address : 2nd floor of XinXiLou

Contact Information : jinfang78@cug.edu.cn

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