Date of Birth:1981-02-08
Date of Employment:1999-07-01
Business Address:未来城校区科教八楼553
Discipline:Physical geography and resource environment

Huang Xianyu



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Degree:Doctoral Degree
Education Level:Faculty of Higher Institutions
Alma Mater:中国地质大学(武汉)
Professional Title:Professor
2010年湖北省优秀博士论文 School/Department:地理与信息工程学院

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研究方向:湿地碳循环与气候变化。正在承担或完成了国家自然基金联合基金重点项目1项、面上项目2项,以主要成员参与了国家自然基金重点项目3项。以第一作者或通讯作者在SCI刊物上发表论文50余篇,论文期刊包括Nature Communications、Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta、Geophysical Research Letters、Quaternary Science Reviews、Climate Dynamics、Geoderma、Chemical Geology、Organic Geochemistry、Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatogy, Palaeoecology、The Holocene等。担任国际SCI刊物Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatogy, Palaeoecology编委会委员(2018年2月至2022年5月)、国内中文学术期刊《地理科学》编委会委员(2021年2月至今)、《Journal of Earth Science》和《地球科学》编委(2023年至今),中国环境科学学会湿地环境生态保育与功能开发专业委员会副主任委员(2023年至今)。曾获2022年度湖北省自然科学一等奖(排名第1)、2015年度湖北省自然科学一等奖(排名第5),2011年全国优秀博士论文提名奖。《中国科学-地球科学》2019年度优秀审稿人。指导的研究生获校级优秀硕士论文(2人次)、国家奖学金(2人次)、国际学术会议优秀口头报告奖(1人次)、全国性学术会议优秀口头报告奖(2人次)。欢迎对湿地全球变化,遥感技术、机器学习与生物地球化学过程相结合感兴趣的同学报考!发表论文清单:2023年1. Gao, Q., Yang, G., Xue, J., Huang, X*. Characteristics of n-alkyl lipids in cultivated Sphagnum and their preservation potential in the topsoil of Sphagnum farmlands in southwest China. Organic Geochemistry, 2023, 185, 104677. 2. Wang Y., Huang X*. Fluctuations of the hydrogen isotope composition in the pore water from the Dajiuhu Peatland, central China. Frontiers of Earth Science, accepted.3. Yang, G., Zhang, Y., Huang, X*. Fluctuations of water table level in a subtropical peatland, central China. Journal of Earth Science, 2023, 4. Yang, Y., Zhang, Y., Zhang, H., Huang, X.*. Quantitative reconstruction of the relative humidity by a coupled δ18O-δ2H approach during the Younger Dryas in central China. Quaternary Science Reviews, 2023, 299, 107879.5. Huang X.*, Zhang H.*, Griffiths M.L., Zhao B., Pausata F.S.R., Tabor C., Shu J., Zhao H., Xie S. Holocene forcing of East Asian hydroclimate recorded in a subtropical peatland from southeastern China. Climate Dynamics, 2023, 60, 981-993. 6. Peng, J., Zeng, L., Huang, X., Chen, X. Climate, atmospheric deposition and catchment process interact to trigger recent diatom community reorganization in alpine lakes of the eastern monsoonal region of China. Quaternary Science Reviews, 2023, 310, 108131.7. Yu X., Han T., Zhang Y., Huang X., Yuan H., Ye S., Yang B., Lü X. Response of microbial community to climate change in Liaohe Delta since the Last Glacial Maximum. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2023, 622, 111565.8. 阿木铁布, 张一鸣, 黄咸雨*. 神农架大九湖表层泥炭碳氮磷含量的空间分布特征及其控制因素. 湿地科学与管理, 2023, 19(2), 20-25+56.2022年1. Wang, X., Huang X.*, Zhao, H., Sachse, D. Prolonged drying on the southeast coast of China during the mid-to-late Holocene transition. Geophysical Research Letters, accepted.2. Liu, J., Zhao, J., He, D., Huang, X., Jiang, C., Yan, H., Lin, G., An, Z. Effects of plant types on terrestrial leaf wax long-chain n-alkane biomarkers: Implications and paleoapplications. Earth-Science Reviews, 2022, 235, 104248.3. Zhao, B., Hu, J.*, Shu, J., Huang, X.*. Early onset of summer monsoon during 1 the Mystery Interval in the East Asian Summer Monsoon area: evidence from the leaf alkane δ2H record, Quaternary Science Reviews, 2022, 294, 107757.4. Li, Zhiguo, Huang, Xianyu*, Naafs, B.D.A., Wang, Canfa, Xie, Shucheng. Evaluation of the wider applications of the alkanol index BNA15 as temperature proxy in a broad distribution of peat deposits. Organic Geochemistry, 2022, 173, 104486. 5. Qin, Yangmin, Daniel Puppe, Hui Li, Hongkai Li, Yuri Mazei, Andrey N. Tsyganov, Baiying Man, Xianyu Huang, Yansheng Gu, Shucheng Xie. Peatland degradation in Asia threatens the biodiversity of testate amoebae (Protozoa) with consequences for Protozoic silicon cycling. Geod...

Education Background
  • 2004.9 -- 2009.6
    中国地质大学(武汉) , 古生物学与地层学  , 博士学位 , Doctoral Degree in Education
  • 2000.9 -- 2004.6
    中国地质大学(武汉) , 应用化学  , 本科 , 学士
Work Experience
  • 2019.7 -- Now
    地理与信息工程学院 , 教授
  • 2017.12 -- 2019.6
    中国地质大学(武汉) , 地球科学学院 , 教授
  • 2012.12 -- 2017.12
    中国地质大学(武汉) , 地球科学学院 , 副教授
  • 2012.10 -- 2012.12
    中国地质大学(武汉) , 地球科学学院 , 讲师
  • 2009.7 -- 2012.9
    中国地质大学(武汉) , GPMR国重 , 助理研究员
Social Affiliations
  • 2021.4 -- Now
  • 2023.3 -- Now
  • 2023.3 -- Now
    Journal of Earth Science编委
  • 2023.9 -- Now
  • 2018.3 -- 2022.5
    国际SCI刊物Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology编委
Research Focus
  • 泥炭地碳循环与气候变化

  • 东亚季风区叶蜡氢同位素古环境意义解译

  • 叶蜡脂类单体氢同位素组成的现代过程监测

Research Group
  • 夏峰
  • 闫政旭
  • 张鹏飞
  • 周云
  • 周传波
  • 付茹
  • 张世晖
  • 马金良
  • 周云