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Dr Yunliang Chen is a full Professor in the School of Computer Science, China Universityof  Geosciences. Now he is the vice dean and the deputy director of Academic Committee of this school. His research interests include Internet of Things, social computing, cloud computing, and big data analytics. He has published over 60 high quality research papers in top international conferences and journals, including IEEE TII, IEEE TKDE, IEEE TCC, IEEE IOT Journal, Information Sciences, JPDC, FGCS and WWW Journal. His professional service can be identified by different roles in academic committees, e.g., the proceeding chairs in BigG 2018, BigG 2019 and MPSEED2020; the session chair in IEEE ICPS 2020; the journal reviewer in IEEE TII, IEEE TCC, Information Sciences, JPDC and Information Fusion; and the editors in international journal of  JCSC and the journal of Array.

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  • 教育部科技发展中心下一代互联网专委会委员;

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Gender : Male

Alma Mater : Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Education Level : Doctoral Degree in Education

Degree : Doctoral Degree in Engineering

School/Department : School of Computer Science

Discipline : Computer science and technology

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