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I study the interactions of biological, physical and chemical Earth systems in the past, in particular during abrupt episodes of environmental crises. Specifically, I’m interested in understanding the mechanisms of biological extinction and radiation linked to global perturbations of the Earth’s system and the eruption of large igneous provinces (LIPs). My research aims at constraining and quantifying the fundamental processes that govern the observed geochemical, physical and biological changes. Hence, my scientific approach is multidisciplinary and includes sedimentary geochemistry combined with stratigraphy, palaeontology, sedimentology, and biogeochemical modelling. I’ve published in high impact journals including, e.g., Science, Science Advances, Nature Communications, Nature Reviews Earth and Environment, EPSL and Geology. I’m currently Editor of Cambridge Prisms: Extinction.

My main research goals are:

· Reconstructing variations in the chemical composition of the atmosphere - land - ocean system.

· Constraining the temporal cause-and-effect telationships between past large volcanic eruptions, climate changes and biological turnovers.

· Explaining the processes that drove abrupt environmental disturbances in Earth's history.

· Understanding the mechanism of mass extinction in marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

· Understanding the conditions that drove evolution and the appearence of important biological traits during global environmental crises.

An updated list of my publications can be found at:



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