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Yao, Z.S., Qin, K.Z., Xue, S.C., 2017. Kinetic processes for plastic deformation of olivine in the Poyi ultramafic intrusion, NW China: Insights from the textural analysis of a ~1700 m fully cored succession. Lithos, 284-285: 462-476.
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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Honors and Titles : 2019年度中国科学院优秀博士学位论文

Gender : Male

Date of Birth : 1990-01-20

Alma Mater : 中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所

Education Level : Doctoral Degree in Education

Degree : 博士学位

Status : Employed

School/Department : 资源学院

Discipline : Mineralogy, Petrology, and Economic Geology mineral resource prospecting and exploration

Business Address : 文华楼521室

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