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The University of Hong Kong

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Date of Employment:2014-08-01
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Academic Qualifications2009/9-2013/8, Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong2006/9-2009/7,M.Sc., Insitute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Science2002/9-2006/9,B.Sc., University of Science and Technology of ChinaEmployment history2018/3-2018/8, Monash University, Endeavour Research Fellowship2014/8-,China University of Geoscience2013-9-2014/6,The University of Hong Kong,Research AssistantResearch Interests1. Lithospheric development & processes of generation and preservation of continental crust.2. Driving mechanisms of orogenesis & paleogeographic reconstructions.3. Application of detrital zircon analysis to orogenic and paleogeographic analysis.Teaching Experience:1. Optical crystallography & Mineralogy2. Pratical field geology in Zhoukoudian area3. Adavned Petrology4. Earth FronentierResearch Funding1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Investigating possible linkage between India and Yangtze Block in Rodinia: constraints from the Marwar Supergroup in NW India, 2016.01-2019.12, PI2. Belt and Road cooperation on ESCH, Comparison on Precambrian geology of the Indian and Yangtze Block: constraints on the reconstruction of the Columbia supercontinent, 2017-2018, PI3. ‘Thousand Youth Talents Plan’, 2016, PI4. 'Chutian Scholar' of Hubei Province, 2015, PI5. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Mantle nature and geodynamics revealed by peridotite massifs in the Tethyan belts, 2016.01-2020.12, participant6. MOST Special Fund from the State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources, Sedimentology, geochronology and geochemistry of the Sindreth in the NW India, 2015.01-2016.12,PI7. International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) Postgraduate Grant Scheme 2013 Awards and Scholarships:1. ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons’of the China University of Geosciences, 20182. Young Scientist Awad of Houdefeng mineralogy, petrology and Geochemistry, 20183. Endeavour Research Fellowship, 20184. IAS travel grant 20135. Sartorius Hong Kong Scholarship 2012 Major Articles (published or in press. * corresponding author, † students advised) 45. Wang, W*., Cawood, P.A., Pandit M.K., Zhou M.F., Zhao J.H., 2018. Evolving passive and active margin tectonics of the Paleoproterozoic Aravalli Basin, NW India. Geological Society of American Bulletin. in press 44. Guo J.W, Zheng J.P., Ping X.Q., Wan Y.S., Li Y.H, Wu, Y.B, Zhao, J.H, Wang, W., 2018. Two-episodic Paleoproterozoic A-type granites manifesting a vertical hierarchical structure of Archean continental crust beneath the Yangtze Craton. Precambrian Research. in press43. Liu H, Zhao, J.H, Cawood, P.A, Wang, W., 2018. South China In Rodinia: Constrains from the Neoproterozoic Suixan volcano-sedimentary group of South Qinling Belt. Precambrian Research. 314, 170-193.42. Huang S.F†., Wang W*., 2018. The origin of the Fanjingshan mafic-ultramafic rocks, western Jiangnan Orogen, South China: implications for PGE fractionation and mineralization. Journal of Earth Science. In press, doi: 10.1007/s12583-018-0984-041. Wang, W*., Bolhar, R., Zhou, M.F., Zhao, X.F., 2018. Enhanced terrestrial input into Paleoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic carbonates in the southwestern South China Block during the fragmentation of the Columbia supercontinent. Precambrian Research 313, 1-17.40. Luo, B.J., Liu, R., Zhang, H.F., Zhao, J.H., Yang, H., Xu, W.C., Guo, L., Zhang, L.Q., Tao, L., Pan, F.B., Wang, W., Zhong, G., Hui, S., 2018. Neoproterozoic continental back-arc rift development in the Northwestern Yangtze Block: Evidence from the Hannan intrusive magmatism. Gondwana Research 59, 27-4239. de Wall, H., Pandit, M.K., Donhauser, I., Schöbel, S., Wang, W., Sharma, K.K., 2018. Evolution and tectonic setting of the Malani – Nagarparkar Igneous Suite: A Neoproterozoic Silicic-dominated Large Igneous Province in NW India-SE Pakistan. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 160, 136-158.38. Wang, W*., Zeng, M.F., Zhou, M.F., Zhao, J.H., Zheng, J.P., Lan, Z.-F., 2018. Age, provenance and tectonic setting of Neoproterozoic to early Paleozoic sequences in southeastern South China Block: Constraints on its linkage to western Australia-East Antarctica. Precambrian Research. 309,290-308.37. Chen, W.T., Sun, W.H., Zhou, M.F., Wang, W., 2018. Ca. 1050 Ma intra-continental rift-related A-type felsic rocks in the southwestern Yangtze Block, South China. Precambrian Research. 309, 22-24.36. Wang, W*., Pandit, M.K., Zhao, J.H., Chen, W.T., Zheng, J.P., 2018. 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[1] 2009.9  to  2013.8
The University of Hong Kong | geology | Doctoral Degree in Education | Doctoral Degree in Philosophy
[2] 2006.9  to  2009.6
Insitute of Geology and Geophyscis, CAS | Geochemistry | Master's Degree | Master's Degree in Science
[3] 2002.9  to  2006.6
University of Science and Technology of China | Geochemistry | Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) | Bachelor's Degree

[1] 2014.8  to  Now
 School of Earth Sciences | China University of Geosciences 
[2] 2013.9  to  2014.6
 Department of Earth Sciences | The University of Hong Kong 

[1] The formatio and evolution of sedimentary basin is one of the key issues in understanding the geodynamics and plate tectonics of the earth. In particular for the Precambrian events, which are largely altered by later geological processes, while informatio can be preserved in sedimentary rocks.

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