Date of Employment:2020-09-15
Business Address:中国地质大学(武汉)资源学院文华楼
Contact Information:13397106902
Discipline:petroleum engineering Materials science and Engineering chemistry


Professor (specially appointed)


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Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering
Education Level:Faculty of Higher Institutions
Alma Mater:美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学-帕克分校
Professional Title:Professor (specially appointed)

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Personal Information

教育背景科研经历2014年5月博士毕业于美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学-帕克分校材料科学与工程系,先后在美国密苏里科技大学石油工程系及宾夕法尼亚州立大学-帕克分校从事高分子、水凝胶材料科研工作。2020年9月任职中国地质大学(武汉)。研究方向耐久型新一代聚合物离子交换膜的研发制备;工程高分子、水凝胶的室内研发、成果转化和现场应用;高性能3D 打印光敏树脂;可降解导电水凝胶的基础研发。主持项目中国地质大学(武汉),启动经费,2020.09-2025.10 主持;美国能源部(DOE),面上项目,2015.06-2018.06,技术负责人;美国工业联合项目, 横向经费, 2015.04-2018.12 技术负责人。代表性论著1. Wang, Z.; Bai, B; Long, Y.; Wang, L.* An Investigation of CO2 Responsive Preformed Particle Gel for Conformance Control of CO2 Flooding. SPE Journal 2019, 24(5), 2398-2408.2. Wang, L.*; Zhu, L.; Hickner, M.A.; Bai, B.* Molecular Engineering Mechanically Programmable Hydrogels with Orthogonal Functionalization. Chemistry of Materials 2017, 29, 9981-9989.3. Wang, L.*; Long, Y.; Bai, B. Low Temperature Applicable Polyelectrolyte Gelator to Covalently Bridged Partially Hydrolyzed Poly(acrylamide) in-situ Gel for Fossil Energy Recovery. Chemical Engineering Journal 2018, 334, 2558-2567.4. Wang, L.*; Long, Y; Ding, H.; Geng, J.; Bai, B.* Mechanically Robust Re-crosslinkable Polymeric Hydrogels for Water Management of Void Space Conduits Containing Reservoirs. Chemical Engineering Journal 2017, 317, 952-960.5. Wang, L.; Hickner, M.A.* Highly Ordered Ion-Conducting Bock copolymers by Hydrophobic Block Modification. Journal Materials Chemistry A 2016, 4, 15437-15449.6. Wang, L.; Hickner, M.A.* Highly Conductive Side Chain Block Copolymer Anion Exchange Membranes. Soft Matter 2016, 12, 5359-5371.7. Wang, L.; Hickner, M.A.* Low Temperature Crosslinked Anion Exchange Membranes. Polymer Chemistry 2014, 5, 2928-2935.8. Wang, L.*; Geng, J.; Bai, B.* Highly Deformable Nano-Crosslinkers Bridged Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Water Management of Oil Recovery. Energy & Fuels 2018, 32, 3068-3076.9. Geng, J.; Pu, J.; Wang, L.*; Bai, B.* Surface Charge Effect of Nanogel on Emulsification of Oil in Water for Fossil Energy Recovery. Fuel 2018, 223, 140-148.10. Wang, L.*; Liu, J.P.; Long, Y. Delayed Gelation Kinetics of Hydrogel Formation by Ionic Nano-gel Crosslinkers. Journal of Materials Science 2018, 53, 14789-14800.11. Le, T.P.; Shang, Z.R.; Wang, L.; Li, N.; Kesava, S.V.; Connor, J.; Chang, Y.; Bae, C.; Zhu, C.; Hexemer, A.; Gomez, E.W.; Salleo, A.; Hickner, M.A.; Gomez. E.D.* Miscibility and Acid Strength Govern Contact Doping of Organic Photovoltaics with Strong Polyelectrolytes. Macromolecules 2015, 48, 5162-5171.12. Li, N.; Wang, L.; Hickner, M.A.* Crosslinked Comb-shaped Anion Exchange Membranes with High Base Stability. Chemical Communications 2014, 50, 4092-4095.13. Leng, Y.J.; Wang, L.; Hickner, M.A.; Wang, C.Y.* Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells with In-Situ Cross-linked Ionomers. Electrochimica Acta. 2015, 152 (10), 93-100.14. Pandey, R.K.; Wang, L.; Wallock, N.J.; Lindeman, S.; Donaldson. W.A.* Reactivity of (2-Alkenyl-3pentene-1,5-diyl)iron Complexes: Preparation of functionalized Vinylcyclopropanes and Cycloheptadienes. Journal of Organic Chemistry 2008, 73, 7236-7245. 15. Hong, Y.; Shang, T.; Li, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, C.; Chen, X.; Jing, X. Synthesis Using Electrospinning and Stabilization of Single Layer Macroporous Films and Fibrous Networks of Poly (vinyl alcohol). Journal of Membrane Science 2006, 276, 1-7.研究生招生欢迎化学、化工、高分子、材料、石油工程等背景本科、硕士、博士加入本组,同时也欢迎大一大二等年级的本科生来本实验室参与科研研究,增强个人学术积累。硕士研究生根据学生背景选择从材化学院、资源学院入学;博士研究生需符合资源学院考核-申请要求。

Education Background
  • 2011.2 -- 2014.5
    宾夕法尼亚州立大学-帕克分校 , Materials science and Engineering  , Doctoral Degree in Engineering , Faculty of Higher Institutions
  • 2006.6 -- 2009.5
    美国马凯特大学 , 有机化学  , 硕士学位 , With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates
  • 1999.9 -- 2003.7
    吉林大学 , 应用化学  , 学士学位 , With Certificate of Graduation for Undergraduate Study
Work Experience
  • 2019.3 -- 2020.1
    美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学-帕克分校 , 材料科学与工程系 , 研究人员
  • 2015.4 -- 2018.12
    美国密苏里科技大学 , 石油工程系 , 助理研究教授
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Research Focus
  • 燃料电池用新型耐久型高分子离子交换膜研发制备

Research Group
  • 张鹏飞
  • 闫政旭
  • 张世晖
  • 付茹
  • 夏峰
  • 张世晖
  • 周云
  • 付茹
  • 马金良
  • 闫政旭