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Gender : Female
Alma Mater : 中国科学院地理科学与资源研究所
Education Level : Doctoral Degree in Education
Degree : Doctoral Degree in Science
Status : Employed
School/Department : 地理与信息工程学院
Date of Employment : 2019-07-11
Discipline : Physical geography and resource environment Geographic Information Science
Business Address : 未来城校区地信楼
Contact Information : tangyuqian@cug.edu.cn
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Tang, Yuqian*Winterfeldt, S., Brangarí, A.C., Hicks, L.C., Rousk, J., 2023. Higher resistance and resilience of bacterial growth to drought in grasslands with historically lower precipitation. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 177, 108889. 

Tang, Yuqian Zhang, Xinyu*, Wang, H., Meng, S., Yang, F., Chen, F., Wang, S., Dong, Q., Wang, J., 2022. Warming causes variability in SOM decomposition in N- and P-fertiliser-treated soil in a subtropical coniferous forest. European Journal of Soil Science 73, e13320.

Tang, Yuqian, Tian, Jing*, Li, Xiangzhen, Yao, Minjie, Wang, Shaoqiang, Kuzyakov, Yakov, Dungait, Jennifer A. J., Higher free-living N2 fixation at rock-soil interfaces than topsoils during vegetation recovery in karst soils. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 2021, 159: 108286.

Tang, Yuqian, Yu, Guirui*, Zhang, Xinyu*, Wang, Qiufeng, Tian, Jing, Niu, Shuli, Tian, Dashuan and Ge, Jianping, Different strategies for regulating free-living N2 fixation in nutrient-amended subtropical and temperate forest soils, Applied Soil Ecology, 2019, 136: 21-29.

Tang, Yuqian, Yu, Guirui*, Zhang, Xinyu*, Wang, Qiufeng, Tian, Dashuan, Tian, Jing, Niu, Shuli and Ge, Jianping, Environmental variables better explain changes in potential nitrification and denitrification activities than microbial properties in fertilized forest soils, Science of The Total Environment, 2019, 647: 653-662.

Tang, Yuqian, Yu, Guirui*, Zhang, Xinyu*, Wang, Qiufeng, Ge, Jianping and Liu, Shuang, Changes in nitrogen-cycling microbial communities with depth in temperate and subtropical forest soils, Applied Soil Ecology, 2018, 124: 218-228.

Tang, Yuqian, Zhang, Xinyu*, Li, Dandan, Wang, Huimin, Chen, Fusheng, Fu, Xiaoli, Fang, Xiangmin, Sun, Xiaomin and Yu, Guirui, Impacts of nitrogen and phosphorus additions on the abundance and community structure of ammonia oxidizers and denitrifying bacteria in Chinese fir plantations, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 2016, 103: 284-293.

Education Background

  • 2016.9 -- 2019.6

    中国科学院地理科学与资源研究所       生态学       Doctoral Degree in Education       Doctoral Degree in Science

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Research Focus

  • 关注土壤微生物的地理分布格局,及其驱动土壤有机质分解和养分循环的机制。
  • 土壤碳、氮、磷循环的微生物机制
  • 养分添加影响下土壤有机碳、氮、磷分解酶活性、动力学参数,及其温度敏感性