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Yangmin Qin

Associate professor
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Title : 201107
Honors and Titles : 湖北省优秀博士论文奖
Gender : Male
Alma Mater : China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
Education Level : Faculty of Higher Institutions
Degree : Doctoral Degree in Science
Status : Employed
School/Department : School of Earth Sciences
Date of Employment : 2011-06-30
Discipline : Physical geography and resource environment
Business Address : 我的主页:http://www.geobiology.cn/qin_yangmin
Contact Information : qinyangmin2005@163.com
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Personal Profile

I am currently working in the Department of Geography,ChinaUniversity of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Much of my research is focused on:

1) Ecology and paleoecology of testate amoebae in peatlands/wetlands, and their applications in paleohydrological reconstruction;.

2) testate amoeabe taxonomy, phylogeny and ;

3) Testate amoebae as indicators of water qualoty lakes, in relation to human activities.


Qin Y.M., Puppe D., Payne R., Li L., Li J., Zhang Z., Xie S.C. Land-use change effects on protozoic Silicon pools in the Dajiuhu National Wetland Park, China. Geoderma, 2020, 114305.

Bobrov A., Qin Y.M.*, Payne R.J. A new testate amoebae species Planhoogenraadia wuchanic sp. nov. from subtropical forest soils in Wuhan,  central China. Zootaxa, 2019, 15502(2):289-294.  

Qin Y.M., Payne R., Gu Y., Mazei Y. Short-term response of testate amoebae to wildfire. Applied Soil Ecology, 2017, 114: 64-69.

Gu Y.S., Liu H., Qin Y.M. Postglacial trasgression maximum dominated by the core sediments of Xixi wetland, East China. Quaternary International, 2017, 436:84-95. 

Qin Y. M, Man B., Kosakyan A., Lara E., GuY., Wang H., Mitchell E.A.D. Nebela jiuhuensis nov. sp. (Amoebozoa; Arcellinida; Hyalospheniidae): A new member of the Nebela saccifera-equicalceus – ansata group described from Sphagnum peatlands in South-Central China. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 2016,63:558-566.

 Qin Y. M.,Payne R., Yang X., Yao M., XueJ., Gu Y., Xie S. Testate amoebae as indicators of water quality and contamination inshallow lakes of the Middle and Lower Yangtze Plain. Environmental Earth Science, 2016,75(7): 1-11

Bobrov, A., Qin Y. M.*, Wilkinson, D. Latitudinal diversity gradients in free-living microorganisms --Hoogenraadia a key genus in testate amoebae biogeography. Acta Protozoologica, 2015, 54: 1-8.

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Qin Y.M., Payne R. Gu Y. et al. Ecology of testate amoebae in Dajiuhu peatland of Shennongjia Mountains, China, in relation to hydrology. Frontiers of Earth Science, 2012, 6(1): 57-65.

Qin Y.M., & Xie S. Moss-dwelling testate amoebae and their community in Dajiuhu peatland of Shennongjia MountainsChinaJournal of Freshwater Ecology, 2011, 26(1):3-9.

Qin Y.M., Booth R K., Gu Y., Wang Y., Xie S.C. Testate amoebae as indicators of 20th century environmental change of Lake Zhangdu, China. Fundamental and Applied Limnology, 2009, 175(1):29-38.

Qin Y.M., Xie S.C.Gu Y.Zhou X. Pontigulasia pangulostomanov. spec., a new testate amoeba from the peat land of Shennongjia Mountains,China. Acta Protozoologica, 2008, 47(2):155-160.

Qin Y.M., Xie S., Swindles G. T., Gu Y. Pentagonia zhangduensisnov. spec.,(Lobosea, Arcellinida),a new freshwater species from China. European Journal of Protistology, 2008,44(4):287-290.

Qin Y.M., Wang J., Xie S., Huang X., Yang H.Tan K. Zhang Z. Morphological Variation and Habitat Selection of Testate Amoebae in Dajiuhu PeatlandCentral ChinaJournal of Earth Sciencespecial issue, 2010, 21:253-256.

Markel E., Booth R K.Qin Y.M. Testate amoebae and δ13C of Sphagnumas surface moisture proxies in Alaskan peatlandsThe Holocene2010, 20: 463-475.

Education Background

  • 瑞士University of Neuchatel      微型生物指示的气候与环境变化,2015--2016, 博士后(国家公派)

  • 美国Lehigh University 地理系       Faculty of Higher Institutions      湿地生态和古环境重建方法与技术

Work Experience

  • 英文主页:http://www.geobiology.cn/qin_yangmin

Other Contact Information

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Research Focus

  • 1. 湿地生态及其对环境变化的响应;
    2. 第四纪气候与环境变化;
    3. 湖泊沉积记录的近代以来环境变化与人类活动;
    4. 微型生物硅循环及其生态指示意义