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I am interested in interdisciplinary research in geoenvironment with a focus on microbiology, and coordinating research across biology, mineralogy and geochemistry to tackle grand-challenges in mine environment, particularly in relation to:

l   Microbial-Mineral interactions

l   Mine water / mine waste management (heavy metal removal, sulfate reduction)

l   Iron/Sulfur/Antimony biogeochemistry

l   Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics

l   Microbial ecology

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Education Experience

2012/09-2017/06, Central South University, microbiology, Doctor of Science

2008/09-2012/06, Central South University, biotechnology, Bachelor of Science

Work Experience

2022/11-Now, Professor, School of Environmental Studies, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China

2017/07-2022/10, Associate Professor, School of Environmental Studies, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China

2022/12-2023/12, Visiting Scholar (Post doctor) Geoenvironmental Research Centre, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Research Project

[1] National Key Research and Development Program of China, Key technology and demonstration of groundwater pollution prevention, control and safe utilisation in abandoned coal mining areas in Northern Karsts, 2023YFC3710000, Sub-project PI.

[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China, Microscopic oxidation mechanism of polymetallic sulfide minerals in the formation of AMD based on Galvanic effect. NSFC 42277193, PI.

[3] National Natural Science Foundation of China, The process and molecular mechanism of anaerobic antimony oxidation by nitrate-dependent microbes in mining area. NSFC 42007306, PI.

[4] National Key Research and Development Program of China, Soil-groundwater collaborative remediation technology and engineering demonstration in Central South Nonferrous Smelting Site, 2019YFC1803604, Sub-project PI.

[5] Provincial Project of Water Resources Development Fund of Yangquan Water Resource Conservancy Bureau, Basic study on microbial remediation of acid mine drainage in Shandi River Basin, 2019046477, PI.

Representative Publication

[1] Shasha Jiang, Xiaoyu Deng, Liyuan Ma*, Hongmei Wang, Xingjie Wang, Liang Feng, Feng Zhu, Shengguo Xue, Arif Mohammad. Standardized framework for assessing soil quality at antimony smelting site by considering microbial-induced resilience and heavy metal contamination [J]. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2024. (SCI, T2, IF: 6.9)

[2] Shanshan Huang#, Huiying Li#, Liyuan Ma*, Rui Liu, Yiran Li, Hongmei Wang, Xiaolu Lu, Xinping Huang, Xinhong Wu, Xueduan Liu. Insertion sequence contributes the evolution and environmental adaptation of Acidithiobacillus [J]. BMC Genomics, 2023, 24: 282. (SCI, T2, IF: 4.547)

[3] Rui Liu, Liyuan Ma*, Hongmei Wang, Deng Liu, Xiaolu Lu, Xinping Huang, Shanshan Huang, Xueduan Liu. Comparative genomics reveals intraspecific divergence of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans: insights from evolutionary adaptation [J]. Microbial Genomics, 2023, 9(6): 001038. (SCI, T2, IF: 4.868)

[4] Weikang Gao, Peng Liu, Zhihang Ye, Jianwei Zhou, Xingjie Wang, Xinping Huang, Xiaoyu Deng, Liyuan Ma*. Divergent prokaryotic microbial assembly, co-existence patterns and functions in surrounding river sediments of a Cu-polymetallic deposit in Tibet [J]. Science of the Total Environment, 2022, 851, Part 1, 158192. (SCI, T2, IF: 10.753)

[5] Shanshan Huang, Xueduan Liu, Weiyi Yang, Liyuan Ma*, Huiying Li, Rui Liu, Jingxuan Qiu, Yiran Li. Insights into adaptive mechanisms of extreme acidophiles based on quorum sensing/quenching-related proteins [J]. mSystems, 2022, 7(2), e01491-21. (SCI, T2, IF: 7.324)

[6] Liyuan Ma*, Weiyi Yang, Shanshan Huang, Rui Liu, Huiying Li, Xinping Huang, Junming Xiong, Xueduan Liu. Integrative assessments on molecular taxonomy of Acidiferrobacter thiooxydans ZJ and its environmental adaptation based on mobile genetic elements [J]. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2022, 13: 826829. (SCI, T2, IF: 6.064)

[7] Xiaocen Jia, Liyuan Ma, Jing Liu, Peng Liu, Lu Yu, Jianwei Zhou*, Wanyu Li, Weiqing Zhou, Zichao Dong. Reduction of antimony mobility from Sb-rich smelting slag by Shewanella oneidensis: Integrated biosorption and precipitation [J]. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021: 127385. (SCI, T1, IF: 14.224)

[8] Liyuan Ma, Xinping Huang, Hongmei Wang*, Yuan Yun, Xiaoyu Cheng, Deng Liu, Xiaolu Lu, Xuan Qiu. Microbial interactions drive distinct taxonomic and potential metabolic responses to habitats in karst cave ecosystem [J]. Microbiology Spectrum, 2021, 9(2): e01152-21. (SCI, T2, IF: 9.043)

[9] Liyuan Ma*, Shanshan Huang, Peiyi Wu, Junming Xiong, Hongmei Wang, Hehuan Liao, Xueduan Liu. The interaction of acidophiles driving community functional responses to the re-inoculated chalcopyrite bioleaching process [J]. Science of The Total Environment, 2021, 798: 149186. (SCI, T2, IF: 10.753)

[10] Xingjie Wang, Liyuan Ma*, Jiangjun Wu, Yunhua Xiao, Jiemeng Tao, Xueduan Liu. Effective bioleaching of low-grade copper ores: insights from microbial cross experiments [J]. Bioresource Technology, 2020, 308: 123273. (SCI, T1, IF: 11.889)

[11] Liyuan Ma*, Hongmei Wang, Jiangjun Wu, Yuguang Wang, Du Zhang, Xueduan Liu. Metatranscriptomics reveals microbial adaptation and resistance to extreme environment coupling with bioleaching performance [J]. Bioresource Technology, 2019, 280: 9-17. (SCI, T1, IF: 11.889)

[12] Liyuan Ma, Jiangjun Wu, Xueduan Liu, Ling Tan, Xingjie Wang*. The detoxification potential of ferric ions for bioleaching of the chalcopyrite associated with fluoride-bearing gangue mineral [J]. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2019, 103(5): 2403-2412. (SCI, T2, IF: 5.560)

[13] Liyuan Ma, Xingjie Wang, Xueduan Liu, Shanquan Wang, Hongmei Wang*. Intensified bioleaching of chalcopyrite by communities with enriched ferrous or sulfur oxidizers [J]. Bioresource Technology, 2018, 268: 415-423. (SCI, T1, IF: 11.889)

[14] Liyuan Ma, Xingjie Wang, Xue Feng, Yili Liang, Yunhua Xiao, Xiaodong Hao, Huaqun Yin, Hongwei Liu, Xueduan Liu*. Co-culture microorganisms with different initial proportions reveal the mechanism of chalcopyrite bioleaching coupling with microbial community succession [J]. Bioresource Technology, 2017, 223: 121-130. (SCI, T1, IF: 11.889)

[15] Liyuan Ma, Xingjie Wang, Jiemeng Tao, Xue Feng, Kai Zou, Yunhua Xiao, Yili Liang, Huaqun Yin, Xueduan Liu*. Bioleaching of the mixed oxide-sulfide copper ore by artificial indigenous and exogenous microbial community [J]. Hydrometallurgy, 2017, 169: 41-46. (SCI, T2, IF: 4.217)

[16] Liyuan Ma, Xingjie Wang*, Jiemeng Tao, Xue Feng, Xueduan Liu, Wenqing Qin. Differential fluoride tolerance between sulfur- and ferrous iron-grown Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and its mechanism analysis [J]. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2017, 119: 59-66. (SCI, T2, IF: 4.446)

[17] Liyuan Ma, Qian Li, Li Shen, Xue Feng, Yunhua Xiao, Jiemeng Tao, Yili Liang, Huaqun Yin, Xueduan Liu*. Insights into the fluoride-resistant regulation mechanism of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans ATCC 23270 based on whole genome microarrays [J]. Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology, 2016, 43(10): 1441-1453. (SCI, T2, IF: 4.258)

[18] Liyuan Ma, Xingjie Wang, Xue Feng, Xue Guo, Qi Hu, Yunhua Xiao, Xiaodong Hao, Yili Liang, Huaqun Yin, Xueduan Liu*. Influence of biological and environmental factors on leaching efficiency during chalcopyrite bioleaching process [J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2015, 1130: 387-391.

[19] Liyuan Ma, Qian Li, Yunhua Xiao, Qingliang Wang, Huaqun Yin, Yili Liang, Guanzhou Qiu, Xueduan Liu*. Comparative study of fluoride-tolerance of five typical bioleaching microorganisms [J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2013, 825: 214-218.

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Honors and Titles : 2021环境学院“优秀共产党员”

Gender : Female

Alma Mater : Central South University

Education Level : Faculty of Higher Institutions

Degree : Doctoral Degree in Science

School/Department : School of Environmental Science

Date of Employment : 2017-07-01

Discipline : Bioscience Environmental Engineering

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