Xinbiao Lv


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Date of Employment:1988-07-05
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Since 1988, Dr.LV X.B. has been engaged in the teaching and scientific research of ore deposit, mineral prospecting and exploration in China university of geosciences (wuhan). Main research directions including :(1) The metallogenic conditions and metallogenic mechanism of metal deposits; (2) Regional metallogenic regularity and metallogenic prediction; (3) Geological fluids and mineralization; (4) Economy and management of mineral resources; He has undertaken more than 30 national and provincial research projects, including 2 key projects of the national support plans, 1 project of the National Natural Science Foundation, and more than 28 related mineral geology survey, mineralization prediction and evaluation projects from the China Geological Survey Bureau and the provincial and ministerial geological prospecting fund. He has published 5 academic monographs and more than 120 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals, among which more than 50 have been indexed by SCI\EI journal. He has won 1 second prize of national excellent teaching achievement, 2 first prizes of provincial and ministerial excellent teaching achievement and 2 second prizes. He has won two first prizes and one second prize of the provincial science and technology progress award. In 2002, he won the silver hammer award of the eighth geological science and technology award of China geological society.

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[1] 矿产资源经济与管理

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