Business Address:中国地质大学(武汉)未来城校区地理与信息工程学院619室
Contact Information:15927033908
Discipline:Surveying and Mapping Engineering


Associate professor


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Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering
Education Level:Faculty of Higher Institutions
Alma Mater:武汉大学
Professional Title:Associate professor

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罗小敏,博士,副教授,硕士生导师。2014年至2016年赴香港理工大学从事研究助理工作。2018年赴德国地学研究中心GFZ短期研修。2020年博士毕业于武汉大学卫星导航定位技术研究中心。主要研究方向为GNSS电离层与空间天气、GNSS高精度数据处理。主持国家自然科学基金等项目。在《Journal of Geodesy》、《GPS Solutions》、《Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics》、《测绘学报》等国内外期刊发表第一作者/通讯作者论文30余篇。申请/授权发明专利和软件著作权10余项。 连续两年指导本科生获校级优秀本科毕业论文,连续两年指导本科生在全国大学生测绘学科创新创业大赛中获奖,指导多位学生负责国家级/省级大学生创新创业项目、校级教学实验室开放基金等项目。担任《卫星导航算法与实现》课程组组长。担任《Journal of Geodesy》、《GPS Solutions》等20余个学术期刊审稿人。获评中国卫星导航定位协会“杰出青年”、“地大学者”青年优秀人才(A类)、王之卓创新人才奖等荣誉奖励。博士论文获评中国卫星导航定位协会优秀博士学位论文。 每年可招收2-3名硕士生,欢迎具有测绘、遥感、地信、计算机、数学、电离层物理等相关背景的同学加入课题组。 主要论文Luo, X., Gu, S., Lou, Y., Cai, L., Liu, Z. (2020). Amplitude scintillation index derived from C/N0 measurements released by common geodetic GNSS receivers operating at 1 Hz. Journal of Geodesy, 94(2), 1–14.Luo, X., Gu, S., Lou, Y., Chen, B., Song, W. (2020). Better thresholds and weights to improve GNSS PPP under ionospheric scintillation activity at low latitudes. GPS Solutions, 24(1), 17.Luo, X., Xie, Z., Galera, J. F. M., Zhang, B., Amadeu, V., Pereira, S., Lou, Y. (2023). An ionospheric scintillation index derived from dual-frequency Doppler measurements released by geodetic GNSS receivers operating at 1 Hz. Journal of Geodesy, 97(7), 70.Luo, X., Lou, Y., Gu, S., Li, G., Xiong, C., Song, W., Zhao, Z. (2021). Local ionospheric plasma bubble revealed by BDS Geostationary Earth Orbit satellite observations. GPS Solutions, 25(3), 117. Luo, X., Lou, Y., Xiao, Q., Gu, S., Chen, B., Liu, Z. (2018). Investigation of ionospheric scintillation effects on BDS precise point positioning at low-latitude regions. GPS Solutions, 22(3), 63.Luo, X., Xiong, C., Gu, S., Lou, Y., Stolle, C., Wan, X., et al. (2019). Geomagnetically conjugate observations of equatorial plasma irregularities from Swarm constellation and ground-based GPS stations. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 124(5), 3650–3665. Luo, X., Zhang, X., Zheng, D., Pan, X., Gu, S. (2023). A noniterative algorithm for ionospheric tomography reconstruction based on the semi-parametric model. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 61, 1–15.Luo, X., Du, J., Lou, Y., Gu, S., Yue, X., Liu, J., Chen, B. (2022). A method to mitigate the effects of strong geomagnetic storm on GNSS precise point positioning. Space Weather, 20(1), e2021SW002908. Luo, X., Li, H., Gong, X., Xie, Z., Li, Y. (2023). BDS-3 B1I signal tracking error characteristic and its advantage in PPP under ionospheric scintillation at low latitudes. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 61, 1–10.Luo, X., Du, J., Galera Monico, J. F., Xiong, C., Liu, J., Liang, X. (2022). ROTI-based stochastic model to improve GNSS precise point positioning under severe geomagnetic storm activity. Space Weather, 20(7), e2022SW003114. Luo, X., Chen, Z., Gu, S., Yue, N., Yue, T. (2023). Studying the fixing rate of GPS PPP ambiguity resolution under different geomagnetic storm intensities. Space Weather, 21(10), e2023SW003542. Luo, X., Lou, Y., Gong, X., Gu, S., Chen, B. (2018). Benefit of sparse reference network in BDS single point positioning with single-frequency measurements. Journal of Navigation, 71(2), 403–418.Luo, X., Lin, Y., Dai, X., Bian, S., Chen, D. (2024). An improved stochastic model for the geodetic GNSS receivers under ionospheric scintillation at low latitudes. Space Weather, 2(2), e2023SW003632. Luo, X., Liu, Z., Lou, Y., Gu, S., Chen, B. (2017). A study of multi-GNSS ionospheric scintillation and cycle-slip over Hong Kong region for moderate solar flux conditions. Advances in Space Research, 60(5), 1039–1053.Lo...

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