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Luo biji, PhD, Associate professor,Department of Mineral and Petrology, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).,



Education & Work Experience



Associate professor, Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, School of Earth Science,China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)


Lecture, Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, School of Earth Science, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)


Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, School of Earth Science, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)


PhD, Department of Geochemistry, School of Earth Science,China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Thesis Topic: Petrogenesis and geodynamic processes of the Indosinian magmatism in the West Qinling Orogenic belt, central China


BSc, Department of Geochemistry, School of Earth Science, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Research Interests

(1) causes of geochemical compositional diversity for composite batholith;

(2) applications of quantitative textural measurements and in-situ geochemical analytic techniques to reconstruct the evolution of the magma system;

(3) the relationship between magmatism and metal mineralization.

Research Projects

2019-2020: Petrogenesis and magmatic plumbing system for the Indosinian Langmusi crystal-rich andesites in the southern part of the West Qinling, Person in charge, National Science Foundation of China project

2018-2022: Recycling of subducted Indian continental crust in Central-South Lhasa terrain and its geodynamical process, Participants, Key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

2016-2020: The Program of Exploration and Exploitation of Deep Mineral Resources (No. 2016YFC0600300-9), Participants, National Key Research and development Program

2015-2017: Petrogenesis of Yanshanian High Ba-Sr porphyries in Zhashui-Shanyan, South Qinling and Their geodynamics Implications (No. 41403026), Person in charge, National Science Foundation of China project

2014-2015: Petrogenesis of strongly peraluminous magmatic rocks from West Qinling, central China and its geodynamic implications (No. 2014M552107), Person in charge, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Grant

2014-2015: Causes of geochemical compositional diversity of the Early Indosinian Meiwu batholith from West Qinling, central China (No. CUGL140803), Person in charge, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

2013-2014: Geochemistry and its metallogenic regularity of porphyry mineralization belt of South Qinling (No. 1212011220276), Participants, Social welfare projects of China Geological Survey Bureau

2010-2012: Technology for Deep crustal material composition identification (No. 2101105), Participants, Social welfare projects of Ministry of Land and Resources



Luo Biji*; Zhang Hongfei; Xu Wangchun; Yang He; Zhao Junhong; Guo Liang; Zhang Liqi; Tao Lu; Pan Fabin; Gao Zhong, The magmatic plumbing system for Mesozoic high-Mg andesites, garnet-bearing dacites and porphyries, rhyolites and leucogranites from West Qinling, central China. Journal of Petrology, 2018, 59(3): 447–482.

Luo Biji*; Liu Rong; Zhang Hongfei; Zhao Junhong; Yang He; Xu Wangchun; Guo Liang; Zhang Liqi; Tao Lu; Pan Fabin; Wang Wei; Gao Zhong; Shao Hui, Neoproterozoic continental back-arc rift development in the Northwestern Yangtze Block: evidence from the Hannan intrusive magmatism, Gondwana Research, 2018, 59: 27-42.

Luo Biji; Zhang HongFei*; Xu WangChun; Guo Liang; Pan Fa-Bin; Yang He, The Middle Triassic Meiwu Batholith, West Qinling, central China: implications for the Evolution of Compositional diversity in a Composite Batholith, Journal of Petrology, 2015, 56(6): 1139-1172.

Luo Biji; Zhang Hongfei*; Lü Xinbiao, U-Pb zircon dating, geochemical and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic compositions of Early Indosinian intrusive rocks in West Qinling, central China: petrogenesis and tectonic implications, Contributions To Mineralogy and Petrology, 2012, 164(4): 551-569.

Luo Biji, Hongfei Zhang*, Xiao Zunqi. Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of the Early Indosinian Meiwu Pluton in West Qinling, Central Chian. Earth Science Frontiers (in Chinese with English Abstract), 2012, 19(3): 199-213.


Co-author with others

Li Yilong*; Zhao Limin; Li Zhuoyang; Luo Biji; Zheng Jianping; Fraukje M. Brouwer,. Petrology of Garnet Amphibolites from the Hualong Group: Implications for Metamorphic Evolution of the Qilian Orogen, NW China. Journal of Earth Science, 2018, 29(5): 10.1007/s12583-018-0850-0.

Li Yilong*; Fraukje M. Brouwer; Xiao Wenjiao; Wang Kuolung; Lee Yuanhis; Luo Biji; Su Yuping; Zheng Jianping, Subduction-related metasomatic mantle source in the eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Evidence from amphibolites in the Xilingol Complex, Inner Mongolia, China, Gandwana Research, 2017, 43:193-212.

Zhang Liqi; Zhang Hongfei*, Zhang Shasha; Xiong Ziliang; Luo Biji; Yang He; Pan Fabin; Zhou Xiaochun; Xu Wangchun; Guo Liang, Lithospheric delamination in post-collisional setting: Evidence from intrusive magmatism from the North Qilian orogen to southern margin of the Alxa block, NW China, Lithos, 2017, 288-289:20-34.

Zhou Xiaochun; Zhang Hongfei*; Luo Biji; Pan, Fabin; Zhang Shasha; Guo Liang, Origin of high Sr/Y-type granitic magmatism in the southwestern of the Alxa Block, Northwest China, Lithos, 2016, 256: 211-227.

Zhong Yufang*; Wang Lianxun; Zhao Junhong; Liu Lei; Ma Changqian; Zheng Jianping; Zhang Zejun; Luo Biji, Partial melting of an ancient sub-continental lithospheric mantle in the early Paleozoic intracontinental regime and its contribution to petrogenesis of the coeval peraluminous granites in South China , Lithos, 2016, 264: 224-238.

Yang He; Zhang Hongfei*; Luo Biji; Gao Zhong; Guo Liang; Xu Wangchun, Generation of peraluminous granitic magma in a post-collisional setting: A case study from the eastern Qilian orogen, NE Tibetan Plateau, Gond wana Research, 2016, 36: 28-45.

Yang He; Zhang Hongfei*; Luo Biji; Zhang Jie; Xiong Ziliang; Guo Liang; Pan Fabin, Early Paleozoic intrusive rocks from the eastern Qilian orogen, NE Tibetan Plateau: Petrogenesis and tectonic significance, Lithos, 2015, 224: 13-31.

Pan Fabin; Zhang Hongfei; Xu Wangchun; Guo Liang; Luo Biji; Wang Shuai, 2016. U–Pb zircon dating, geochemical and Sr–Nd–Hf isotopic compositions of Motuo quartz–monzonite: Implication for the genesis and diversity of the high Ba–Sr granitoids in orogenic belt. Tectonophysics, 2015, 668-669: 52-64.

Xu Wangchun; Zhang Hongfei; Luo Biji; Guo Liang; Yang He, Adakite-like geochemical signature produced by amphibole-dominated fractionation of arc magmas: An example from the Late Cretaceous magmatism in Gangdese belt, southTibet. Lithos, 2015, 232, 197-210.

Pan Fabin; Zhang Hongfei*; Xu Wangchun; Guo Liang; Wang Shuai; Luo Biji, U-Pb zircon chronology, geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic composition of Mesozoic-Cenozoic granitoids in the SE Lhasa terrane: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications. Lithos, 2014, 192-195: 142-157.

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