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Liu Shaoyong

Associate professor
Doctoral Supervisor
Master Tutor

Gender : Male
Alma Mater : 同济大学
Education Level : Faculty of Higher Institutions
Degree : Doctoral Degree in Science
Status : Employed
School/Department : 地球物理与空间信息学院
Discipline : Geophysical Prospecting and Information Technology
Business Address : 基委楼107
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Personal Profile

      I am Shaoyong Liu, associate professor in gephysics. My research focuses mainly on exploration seismology including seismic imaging, digital signal analysis and seismic inversion etc. In recent years, I start the study of applications of learning-based method in geosciences.

Address: No. 388 Lumo RD, CUG, Wuhan 430074, Hubei Province, China.

Education Background

  • 2010.3 -- 2015.9

    Tongji University       Solid Geophysics       PhD candidate       Doctoral Degree      PhD candidate in Tongji University, PhD degree

  • 2008.9 -- 2010.3

    Tongji University       Solid Geophysics       Master degree candidate      Master degree candidate in Tongji University

  • 2004.9 -- 2008.7

    China University of Petroleum       Geophysics       With Certificate of Graduation for Undergraduate Study       Bachelor's Degree      B.S. in China University of Petroleum

Work Experience

  • 2020.12 -- Now

    China University of Geosciences      地空学院      Associate professor      Associate professor in China University of Geosciences

  • 2018.12 -- 2020.7

    University of California, Santa Cruz      Earth & Planetary Sciences      访问博士后      Visiting Postdoctral Researcher in UCSC, Cooperation Supervisor: Prof. Ru-Shan Wu

  • 2016.5 -- 2020.12

    China University of Geosciences      地空学院      Lecturer      Lecturer in China University of Geosciences

  • 2015.11 -- 2017.11

    China University of Geosciences      Postdoctral Researcher      Postdoctral Researcher in China University of Geosciences, Cooperation Supervisor: Prof. Hanming Gu

Social Affiliations

  • 2011.1 -- Now


  • 2015.10 -- Now

    Geophysics,Geophysical Prospecting,GJI,JAG,JGE,Acta Geophysica,地球物理学报,石油地球物理勘探,石油物探等期刊审稿人

  • 2021.8 -- 2024.7