Date of Birth:1971-04-05
Date of Employment:2019-10-23
Business Address:GPMR (state key lab) Room 019 (temporary)
Discipline:mineral resource prospecting and exploration Mineralogy, Petrology, and Economic Geology

NADEAU Olivier

Associate professor


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Degree:Doctoral Degree in Science
Education Level:Faculty of Higher Institutions
Alma Mater:McGill University
Status:On the job
Professional Title:Associate professor
School/Department:School of Earth Resources

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Personal Information

Professor Nadeau obtained his PhD in Earth Sciences from McGill University, Canada, in 2011, working on the active magmatic-hydrothermal and volcanic system of Merapi Volcano, Indonesia. The study of active hydrothermal systems turned out to be a very interesting approach for the study of mineralized, but extinct hydrothermal systems. Subsequent Post-doctoral work in the UQAM-Geotop research center, Canada, thus targetted at improving our understanding of alkaline-carbonatite magmatic-hydrothermal complexes and related REE-Nb mineralization, using trace element as well as C-O-Sr-Nd isotopic systems. Nadeau simultaneously started conducting research on multiple Archean intrusion related and orogenic Au deposits of the Superior Craton, Canada, and on an IOCG prospect from the Labrador Trough, Canada. During his time as a professor at the University of Ottawa, Nadeau’s group was focussed on Archean gold of the Superior Province, Canada, and developed the use of lithium isotopes in the study of hydrothermal alteration, by looking at a variety of different world-class gold deposits in Canada. The work on lithium isotopes led to the investigation of hydrothermal clay minerals (e.g., chlorite, sericite) as adsorption traps for colloidal gold transport, and to the development of potassium isotopes in the study of hydrothermal alteration.

Education Background
  • 2004.9 -- 2011.10
    McGill University , Earth Sciences  , Doctoral Degree in Science , Faculty of Higher Institutions
  • 2001.9 -- 2004.5
    Université du Québec à Montréal , Resource Geology  , B.Sc. , B.Sc.
Work Experience
  • 2019.10 -- Now
    China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) , School of Earth Resources , Associate Professor
  • 2014.9 -- 2019.8
    University of Ottawa , Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences , Assistant Professor
  • 2014.6 -- 2014.8
    Geological Survey of Canada , Research Scientist
  • 2011.9 -- 2014.5
    Université du Québec à Montréal - Geotop , Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences , Post-doctoral research
Social Affiliations
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Research Focus
  • The role of liquid immiscibility in the evolution of melts and fluids, and the genesis of metallic ore deposits. More specifically, the role of sulfide melt in the genesis of porphyry-type systems, the role of carbonatite and BaClF melts in the genesis of carbonatite-related deposits and the existen

  • Development of non-traditional isotope systems (e.g., Li, K, clumped C-O isotopes) in the study of the genesis of hydrothermal deposits, the related metasomatism, and with applications for mineral exploration.

  • Study of active metamorphic-hydrothermal systems (e.g., active faults and hot springs; geothermal) and extinct but mineralized equivalents (orogenic and lode gold deposits) in China (Shandong) and Canada (Abitibi).

  • Study of active magmatic-hydrothermal systems (e.g., volcanoes) and extinct but mineralized equivalents (e.g., porphyry/epithermal Cu-Au deposits) in China (e.g., Dexing porphyry) and Canada (Archean intrusion-related gold).

Research Group
  • 周传波
  • 周琦深
  • 马金良
  • 李周波
  • 夏峰
  • 李周波
  • 张鹏飞
  • 周传波
  • 张世晖
  • 周云