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Date of Birth:1994-06-10
Date of Employment:2020-07-11
Business Address:未来城校区计算机楼(科教一楼)531办公室


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  • 学术动态

  • Our paper entitled "AFENet: Attention-guided feature enhancement network and a benchmark for low-altitude UAV sewage outfall detection" (Authors: Qingsong Huang, Junging Fan, Haoran Xu, Wei Han, Xiaohui Huang*, Yunliang Chen) has been accepted by Elsevier Array Journal.

  • Our paper entitled "A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for Urban Management" (Authors: Haoran Xu, Yixin Yang, Jiabao Li, Xiaohui Huang*, Wei Han, Yuewei Wang ) has been accepted by the 2024 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium.

  • Dr. Xiaohui Huang received the "Best Service Recognition Award" presented by Prof. Yanchun Zhang, the Steering Committee Representative of the 7th APWeb-WAIM International Joint Conference on Web and Big Data (APWeb-WAIM 2023)

  • Our paper entitled "Design of Data Management System for Sustainable Development of Urban Agglomerations' Ecological Environment Based on Data Lake Architecture (Authors: Jiabao Li, Wei Han, Xiaohui Huang*, Ao Long, Rongrong Duan, Xiaohua Tian, Yuqin Li and Yuewei Wang)" has been accepted by the 7th APWeb-WAIM International Joint Conference on Web and Big Data (APWeb-WAIM 2023,CCF C类国际学术会议)

  • Our paper entitled "Distributed Deep Learning for Big Remote Sensing Data Processing on Apache Spark: Geological Remote Sensing Interpretation as a Case Study (Authors: Ao Long, Wei Han, Xiaohui Huang*, Jiabao Li, Yuewei Wang and Jia Chen)" has been accepted by the 7th APWeb-WAIM International Joint Conference on Web and Big Data (APWeb-WAIM 2023,CCF C类国际学术会议)

  • 课题组论文“融合知识图推理的强化学习可解释推荐算法研究”(作者:陈云亮,李雨祺,王玥玮,黄晓辉*)获得第二十届CCF中国信息系统及应用大会(WISA 2023)优秀论文

  • 学术兼职

  • Guest Editor, "Deep Learning and Multi-Modal Data Processing for Geological Environment Remote Sensing Interpretation: Methods, Techniques and Applications", Remote Sensing;

  • Ph.D. Consortium Co-chairs, The 7th APWeb-WAIM International Joint Conference on Web and Big Data (APWeb-WAIM 2023) Organization Committee(CCF C类国际学术会议);

  • Reviewer,  Scientific Data/ Knowledge-Based Systems/ World Wide Web-Internet and Web Information Systems/Journal of Systems Architecture/ The Journal of Supercomputing/ Expert Systems With Applications/ Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence/ CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology/ Array/ Big Earth Data/ GIScience & Remote Sensing;

  • 科研项目

  • 国家自然科学基金国际(地区)合作与交流项目(中英联合基金),《面向实时、精确地质灾害分析的智能卫星遥感》,2023年5月至2025年4月(项目成员,排名第三);

  • 智能地学信息处理湖北省重点实验室开放基金课题,《多数据模型共存下地质环境数据组织与存储方法》,2022年12月至2023年12月(主持);

  • 国家自然科学基金联合基金重点支持项目,《地质环境遥感大数据智能解译》,2022年01月01日至2025年12月31日(参与);

  • 国家自然科学基金联合基金重点支持项目,《基于地学大数据的城市地质灾害智能监测、模拟、管控、预警》,2018年01月至2021年12月(参与); 

  • 国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目,《云环境下大规模多源遥感数据高效组织方法研究》,2019年01月至2021年12月(项目成员,排名第四);

  • 陈云亮, 刘浩, 朱桂水, 黄晓辉(通讯作者), 陈小岛, 王力哲. 2023. "面向最优直方图求解的监督学习模型研究". 计算机科学, 50(9): 145-151. doi: (CCF B类中文期刊)

  • Wei Han, Xiaohan Zhang, Yi Wang, Lizhe Wang, Xiaohui Huang, Jun Li, Sheng Wang, Weitao Chen, Xianju Li, Ruyi Feng, Runyu Fan, Xinyu Zhang, Yuewei Wang. 2023. "A survey of machine learning and deep learning in remote sensing of geological environment: Challenges, advances, and opportunities." ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 202: 87-113. doi:

  • Jinbo Liu, Yunliang Chen, Xiaohui Huang, Jianxin Li, Geyong Min. 2023. "GNN-based long and short term preference modeling for next-location prediction." Information Sciences, 629: 1-14. doi: 10.1016/j.ins.2023.01.131.

  • Xiaohui Huang, Junqing Fan, Ze Deng, Jining Yan, Jiabao Li, and Lizhe Wang. 2021. “Efficient IoT Data Management for Geological Disasters Based on Big Data-turbocharged Data Lake Architecture.”ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 10(11):743. doi: 10.3390/ijgi10110743.

  • Xiaohui Huang, Ze Deng, Lizhe Wang, Tao Liu, and Chengyu Zhang. 2021.“Matching Subscription Over Geo-Textual Streams from IoT via Social-Aware Clustering and Apache Flink.”Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, June. doi:10.1142/S0218126621502959 (Online).

  • Xiaohui Huang, Ze Deng, Jining Yan, Jiabao Li, Yunliang Chen, and Lizhe Wang. 2020. “A HighPerformance Spatial Range Query-Based Data Discovery Method on Massive Remote Sensing Data via Adaptive Geographic Meshing and Coding.”IEEE Journal on Miniaturization for Air and Space Systems 2 (3): 117–128. doi:10.1109/JMASS.2020.3035649.

  • Xiaohui Huang, Jiabao Li, Jining Yan, and Lizhe Wang. “An adaptive geographic meshing and coding method for remote sensing data.” In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, vol. 1004, no. 1, p. 012006. IOP Publishing, 2022.

  • Xiaohui Huang, Lizhe Wang, Jining Yan, Ze Deng, Shaoyuan Wang, and Yan Ma. 2018.“Towards Building a Distributed Data Management Architecture to Integrate Multi-Sources Remote Sensing Big Data.”In 2018 IEEE 20th International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC), 83– 90. doi:10.1109/HPCC/SmartCity/DSS.2018.00043.(CCF-C 类会议)

  • Xiaodao Chen, Xiaohui Huang, Yang Xiang, Dongmei Zhang, Rajiv Ranjan, and Chen Liao. 2017.“A CPS Framework Based Perturbation Constrained Buffer Planning Approach in VLSI Design.”Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 103 (May): 3–10. doi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2016.11.013.(CCF-B 类期刊)

  • Dongmei Zhang, Jianping Liao, Xiaohui Huang (通讯作者), and Jiaqi Jin. 2017. “A Multifractal-Guided Multilevel Surrogate Model-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Expensive Multiobjective Problems.”Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers 26 (07): 1750109. doi:10.1142/S0218126617501092.

  • 崔书岳, 黄晓辉 (通讯作者), 陈云亮, and 郑松青. 2020. “基于 HMM 的缝洞型油藏产量预测算法.” 西南大学学报 (自然科学版) 42 (02): 137–144. doi:10.13718/j.cnki.xdzk.2020.02.017.

[1] 2015.9  to  2022.6
中国地质大学(武汉) | 地学信息工程 | Faculty of Higher Institutions | Doctoral Degree in Engineering
[2] 2011.9  to  2015.6
中国地质大学(武汉) | 网络工程 | Editor | Bachelor's Degree in Engineering

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[1] 分布式计算
[2] 地学大数据
[3] 地学数据管理
[4] 高性能地学计算

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Research Group

Name of Research Group:数字地球实验室

Description of Research Group:数字地球实验室依托中国地质大学(武汉),负责人是王力哲教授。重点开展地质环境遥感、城市空间信息、海岛礁遥感、遥感信息工程、地球大数据支持可持续发展、高性能地学计算等方向的研究。