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Chen Weizhe

Associate professor
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Academic Titles : Associate Professor
Official Title : 地表系党支部委员
Gender : Male
Alma Mater : China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
Status : Employed
School/Department : School of Earth Sciences
Date of Employment : 2020-09-01
Discipline : Quaternary geology Geography Geo information science and technology
Business Address : No. 388 Lumo Road, 430074 Wuhan, P.R. China
Contact Information : wzchen[a]cug.edu.cn
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Personal Profile

I obtained my PhD at China University of Geosciences, Wuhan. I have basic knowledge of earth science and terrestrial ecosystem ecology. My research mainly focuses on climate change and global carbon and water cycles on a broad range of timescales, with the application of meteorological observation, remote-sensing images, paleorecords and land surface models. I am especially interested in critical zone evolution (soil-land surface-atmosphere interactions) during Quaternary.

Currently, we are studying the land cover changes during the mid-Holocene in two monsoon regions (North Africa and East Asia) with compiled climate, vegetation and wetland data, and a land surface model - ORCHIDEE.

Other websitesResearchgateORCIDGoogle Scholar, Geobiology

 Selected Publications 

  • Chen, W., Zhang, Z., Ciais, P., Tan, L., Kemp, D., Viovy, N., 2023. Enhanced Mid-Holocene Vegetation Growth and its Biophysical Feedbacks in China. Geophysical Research Letters, 50: e2023GL104702. [link]

  • Ma, Z. (指导学生), Chen, W.*, Xiao, A., Zhang, R., 2023. The Susceptibility of Wetland Areas in the Yangtze River Basin to Temperature and Vegetation Changes. Remote Sensing, 15: 4534. [link]

  • Chen, W., Xiao, A., Braconnot, P., Ciais P., Viovy, N., Zhang, R., 2022. Mid-Holocene high-resolution temperature and precipitation gridded reconstructions over China: Implications for elevation-dependent temperature changes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 539: 117656. [link]

  • Chen, W., Ciais, P., Qiu, C., Ducharne, A., Zhu, D., Peng, S., Braconnot, P., Huang, C., 2021. Wetlands of North Africa During the Mid-Holocene were At Least Five Times the Area Today. Geophysical Research Letters, 48: e2021GL094194. [link]

  • Chen, W., Ciais, P., Zhu, D., Ducharne, A., Viovy, N., Qiu, C., Huang, C., 2020. Feedbacks of soil properties on vegetation during the Green Sahara period. Quaternary Science Reviews, 240: 106389. [link]

  • Chen, W., Zhu, D., Ciais, P., Huang, C., Viovy, N., Kageyama, M., 2019. Response of vegetation cover to CO2 and climate changes between Last Glacial Maximum and pre-industrial period in a dynamic global vegetation model. Quaternary Science Reviews, 218: 293-305. [link]

  • Chen, W., Zhu, D., Huang, C., Ciais, P., Yao, Y., Friedlingstein, P., Sitch, S., Haverd, V., Jain, A.K., Kato, E., Kautz, M., Lienert, S., Lombardozzi, D., Poulter, B., Tian, H., Vuichard, N., Walker, A.P. and Zeng, N., 2019. Negative extreme events in gross primary productivity and their drivers in China during the past three decades. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 275: 47-58. [link]

  • Chen, W., Huang, C., Wang, L., Li, D., 2018. Climate Extremes and Their Impacts on Interannual Vegetation Variabilities: A Case Study in Hubei Province of Central China. Remote Sensing, 10: 477. [link]


  • 2024-2026 National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 42307556), 300 k¥ [RMB]

  • 2023-2025 Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province (No. 2023AFB024), 50 k¥ [RMB]

  • 2020-2023 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), 200 k¥ [RMB]

  • 2019 Travel grant for the EGU General Assembly 2019, 7 k¥ [RMB]

  • 2018-2020 Scholarship for joint training Ph.D program from China Scholarship Council (No. 201806410044), 30 k€ [Euro]

  • 2018-2021  National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41772029), “Cyclostratigraphy of the Middle Triassic in South China”, Participant [rank 6th]

  • 2016-2019 Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hubei Province of China (No. 2016CFA051), “Global Change and Regional Response in the Middle Yangtze River Basin”, Participant [rank 6th]


  • 2020 Excellent doctoral dissertation in CUG.

  • 2019 GAOSHAN outstanding graduate student scholarship in CUG, 10 k¥ [RMB]

  • 2018 Outstanding graduate student in CUG, Wuhan, China

  • 2015 The 1st place of “Poster Design and Presentation Competition of the Tethys International Conference” in CUG, Wuhan, China

  • 2015 Excellence Award of the “26th Graduate Scientific Conference of School of Earth Science” in CUG, Wuhan, China

  • 2014 Outstanding undergraduate scholarship in CUG, Wuhan, China

Education Background

  • 2015.9 -- 2020.6

    China University of Geosciences       Quaternary geology       Postgraduate (Doctoral)       Doctoral Degree in Science      Supervisor: Chunju Huang (http://grzy.cug.edu.cn/huangchunju)

  • 2017.11 -- 2020.3

    LSCE, www.lsce.ipsl.fr       Geography       Joint training PhD student      Supervisor: Philippe Ciais (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Philippe_Ciais)

  • 2011.9 -- 2015.6

    China University of Geosciences       Geology       Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)       Bachelor's Degree

Work Experience

  • 2020.9 -- Now

    China University of Geosciences      School of Earth Sciences      Associate Professor      Full-time

Social Affiliations

  • Journal Review: Nature Climate Change, Communications Earth & Environment, Science of the Total Environment, Ecological Indicators, Remote Sensing, IEEE Access, Journal of Earth Science, 第四纪研究, 沉积学报

Other Contact Information

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Research Focus

  • Quaternary land surface model
  • Quaternary climate change
  • Critical zone evolution