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Detection of alteration zones using hyperspectral remote sensing data from Dapingliang skarn copper deposit and its surrounding area, Shanshan County, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, China
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Indexed by:Journal paper
Document Code:WOS:000457668100008
First Author:Yuanjin Xu
Correspondence Author:Jianguo Chen
All the Authors:Yuanjin Xu, Jianguo Chen, Pengyan Meng Date of Publication:2019-01-01
Journal:Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
Journal: SSCI 
Document Type:J
Page Number:67-78
ISSN No.:1047-3203
Key Words:Hyperspectral remote sensingDetection of alteration zonesDapingliang skarn copper depositSpectral ma
First-Level Discipline:Geological resources and geological engineering
Translation or Not:no

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