Cheng Dandan

Doctoral Degree in Philosophy

Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Leiden University

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Date of Employment:2003-07-01


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1 Cheng D*, Tian Z, Feng L, Xu L, Wang H. 2019. Diversity analysis of the rhizospheric and endophytic bacterial communities of Senecio vulgaris L. (Asteraceae) in an invasive range. PeerJ (T3, IF=2.38) 6:e6162,

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[1] 2007.11  to  2012.5
Leiden University | Bioscience | Doctoral Degree | Doctoral Degree in Philosophy
[2] 2000.9  to  2003.7
Central China Normal University | Bioscience | Postgraduate (Master's Degree) | Master's Degree in Science
[3] 1996.9  to  2000.7
Central China Normal University | Bioscience | Common college | Bachelor's Degree

[1] 2003.7  to  Now
 School of Environmental Studies | China University of Geoscience(Wuhan) 

[1] 【1】plant invasion ecology
【2】plant chemical ecology
【3】plant microbiome
【4】pant taxanomy and plant resource

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